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Bruce Springsteen
Check out the "Brucelegs" Discography - an excellent Springsteen bootleg rating site. All of these recordings are rated at this site. They are rated on a scale of 1-10. There is also a poll listing the best Springsteen bootlegs ever. Also check out Backstreets for setlists for the more recent shows.
"Prodigal Son" 2CD Pre-first album demos. All studio recordings. Ranked 22nd best Springsteen demos CD. A
"Before the Fame" 2CD From the same sessions as "Prodigal Son." Excellent. A+
"Complete Wild, Innocent etc. Outtakes" 2 CD-R A nice sounding collection of songs - a few are on "Tracks," but this is mostly alternate, unreleased versions. A
"War and Roses" CD Born to Run outtakes collection. 15 tracks, including a truly amazing Thunder Road acoustic version. A
"Complete Born to Run Outtakes" 2 CD-R The quality is mixed (but never very bad) on these outtakes and alternate mixes. A-/B+
"The Definitive Darkness Outtakes Collection - 2nd Pressing (Remastered)" 2 CD-R "Darkness on the Edge of Town" demos and outtakes. Ranked 12th best demos CDs. A
"The Complete Darkness Outtakes" 5 CD-R A nice collection of demos and alternate versions. The quality is all over the map from A to C
"Fist Full of Dollars" CD-R Fantastic CD. 28 demos for Nebraska – with a lot of stuff not on the Lost Masters set, including 4 very different versions of “Born in the USA." All Nebraska fans should have this and the Lost Masters set. A
"The Lost Masters I - Alone in Colt's Neck -Complete Nebraska Sessions" CD 18 awesome tracks - some of this stuff is on Nebraska, some isn't (including a Nebraska-ish version of Pink Cadillac). Ranked 2nd best Springsteen demos CD. A+
"The Lost Masters II - One Way Street - Darkness Masters Volume 1" CD-R Studio outtakes from June/August 1977.
"The Lost Masters III - Rattling the Chains - Darkness Masters Volume 2" CD-R Studio outtakes from June/September 1977.
"The Lost Masters IV - Big Expendables" CD-R Demos mostly from 1979.
"The Lost Masters V - Heaven's Dawn - Unreleased River Masters Volume 1" CD-R Demos from 1979.
"The Lost Masters VI - Travel in Fear - Unreleased River Masters Volume 2" CD-R Studio outtakes and home demos from 1979/80. A
"The Lost Masters VII - Stockton Boy - Solo Masters Volume 1" CD-R Home demos from 1979-80.
"The Lost Masters VIII - Under the Gun - Solo Masters Volume 2" CD-R Home demos from 1979.
"The Lost Masters IX - Love is a Gun - Solo Masters Volume 3" CD-R Home demos from 1979.
"The Lost Masters X - Jesse James and Wages of Sin - Solo Masters Volume 4" CD-R Solo demos from early 1983.
"The Lost Masters XI - Walk, Don't Run - The Telegraph Hill Rehearsals Volume 1" CD-R Band rehearsals from 1979-80.
"The Lost Masters XII - Buddy Holly Revisited - The Telegraph Hill Rehearsals Volume 2" CD-R Band rehearsals from 1979-80.
"The Lost Masters XIII - Restless Days - The Telegraph Hill Rehearsals Volume 3" CD-R Band rehearsals from 1980.
"The Lost Masters XIV - Out On the Run - The Telegraph Hill Rehearsals Volume 4" CD-R Band rehearsals 1979.
"The Lost Masters XV - Slow Fade - The Telegraph Hill Rehearsals Volume 5" CD-R Band rehearsals 1980.
"The Lost Masters XVI - Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes - Unreleased Masters Volume 1" CD-R Born in the USA outtakes. A
"The Lost Masters XVII - Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes - Unreleased Masters Volume 2" CD-R Solo studio outtakes from Born in the USA.
"The Lost Masters XVIII - Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes - Unreleased Masters Volume 3" CD-R Solo studio outtakes from Born in the USA. A
"The Lost Masters XIX - Born in the USA Rare Masters" CD-R Excellent sounding studio demos. Ranked 6th best demos CD. A
"The Lost Masters - Essential Collection Volume 1 & 2" 4 CD-R The best of the "Lost Masters" collection - demos and outtakes. Ranked 7th and 8th best demos CDs. A
"Murder Incorporated – the Lost Masterpiece" CD-R Demos from the Born in the USA sessions. A/A-
"The Genuine Tracks 1972-1996" 4 CD-R Demos, outtakes, etc. Mostly very good to excellent studio recordings. A
"Steel Mill Live at the Matrix" CD San Francisco, January 13, 1970. Pre-first album band. Decent soundboard. Ranked 8.3/10. B to B-
"The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol. 3 – 1970" CD-R Steel Mill studio tracks, and Steel Mill live from March 1970. B
"The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol. 4 – 1971/72" CD-R Mostly soundboard tracks performed as “The Bruce Springsteen Band" from various locations. B/B+
"The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol. 5 – Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom 1971" CD-R May 14, 1971 from New Jersey. Soundboard. B
"The Bruce Springsteen Story Vol. 6 – Dance, Dance, Dance" CD-R July 23, 1971 from New York. Soundboard. B
"Smalltown Boy" CD-R The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania April 24, 1973. Soundboard. Ranked 45th best live CD. A
"My Father’s Place" CD-R July 31, 1973 from Roslyn, New York. Radio broadcast. A-/B+
"You Mean So Much To Me" 2 CD-R (82 minutes) Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. January 19, 1974. Soundboard. A
"Saint in the City" 2 CD-R March 3, 1974. Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Soundboard. A
"The Lost Radio Show" CD-R KLOL-FM Radio Studio, Houston, Texas March 9, 1974. Soundboard. Ranked 18th best live CD. A
"You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Who Wears The Star" 2 CD Bryn Mawr, PA, February 5, 1975. Ranked the 3rd best Springsteen bootleg. Excellent. Original CDs. A+
"The Milwaukee Bomb Scare Show" 2CD October 2, 1975. Excellent soundboard. Ranked 48th best live CD. A
"First Night in Detroit" 2 CD-R October 4, 1975. Soundboard. Great show. A
"Homecoming" 2 CD-R Carlton Theater, New Jersey. October 11, 1975. Soundboard. A-
"Knock on Wood" 2 CD-R April 29, 1976 from Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee. Soundboard. A-/B+
"Palladium Theater" 2 CD-R November 4, 1976 from New York. Soundboard. B+
"Roxy Night" 3 CD-R July 7, 1978 from Los Angeles. Nice radio broadcast. A
"Oh Boy" 3 CD-R August 4, 1978 from Charleston, West Virginia. E. Street Records version. Radio broadcast. A
"Summertime Bruce" 3 CD-R Angora Club, Cleveland. August 9, 1978. Excellent soundboard. Ranked #1 best live CD. A
"Passaic Night" 3 CD-R September 19, 1978. Great soundboard radio broadcast. A
"Live in the Promised Land" 3CD-R San Francisco, CA. December 15, 1978. Ranked 4th best live CD. A
"Heart and Soul" 3 CD-R Tempe, Arizona. November 5, 1980. Soundboard. B
"In the Midnight Hour" 4 CD-R Nassau Caliseum, New York. December 31, 1980. Soundboard. Ranked 17th best live CD. A
"Roses and Broken Hearts" 3 CD-R May 3, 1988 from Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. Soundboard. A-/B+
"Summer Nights" 3 CD-R Excellent soundboard show from the Tunnel of Love tour. A
"Old Habits" CD March 31, 1996 at the I.C.C. Concert Halle, Berlin and a few tracks from the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia on December 9, 1995. Soundboard. A+
"Misunderstood" CD Ten broadcast tracks from December 8-9, 1995, Philadelphia, plus 4 1973 tracks. Very good soundboard with a small amount of broadcast noise. A
"Cirkus Night" 3 CD-R March 13, 1996 from Stockholm, Sweden. Excellent audience recording. Very, very cool show. A
"Brixton Nights" 3 CD-R April 24, 1996. Brixton Academy, London. The best audience recording I've ever heard. Ranked 5th best live CD. A.
"Olympic Stadium, Second Night" 3 CD-R June 24, 1999 from Sweden. Good audience. B+
"Loose Ends" 2 CD-R August 22, 1999. Recorded through the Assisted Listening Device (ALD) at the arena - soundboard. All ALD shows sound nice, but they don’t sound quite like broadcast quality. A
"MCI Center, August 31, 1999 3 CD-R Audience recording of a fine show that I was at. B
"Oakland Arena" 3 CD-R October 25, 1999. ALD recording. A
"Growing Up in Oakland" 3 CD-R October 26, 1999. Recorded through the ALD – good soundboard (slightly better than the "Loose Ends" show). A
"Oakland 1999" 3 CD-R October 28, 1999. ALD recording. Very nice. A
"Cleveland 1999" 3 CD-R November 15, 1999. This is an ALD/audience mix, which gives the recording a depth not heard on most ALD recordings. Includes “Growin’ Up" and “Blinded by the Light." A
"Minneapolis 1999" 3 CD-R November 29, 1999. Very good ALD recording. A
"Charlotte 2000" 4 CD-R April 21, 2000 from North Carolina. ALD/audience mix. A-
"Anaheim 2000" 3 CD-R May 22, 2000 from California. Great ALD/soundboard show. Interesting setlist includes “Roll of the Dice," “Racing in the Street," “Gloria," and “Ramrod." A
"Las Vegas 2000" 3 CD-R May 27, 2000. Better than your average ALD recording. Includes “Viva Las Vegas," “Atlantic City," and “Lucky Town." A
"Planetarium Concert 2002" CD-R August 29, 2002 from the Museum of Natural History, New York City. Ten tracks from this show - several tracks are from a broadcast, and a few are from an audience recording. At least that is what it sounds like to me. The broadcast stuff is A+, the audience stuff is A/A-
"Buffalo 2002" 2 CD-R October 7, 2002 from the HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York. ALD/Audience mix. A/A-
"Barcelona 2002" 2 CD-R October 16, 2002 from Palau Saint Jordi, Barcelona, Spain. A television station broadcast of about half the full concert. A
"Barcelona 2002 DVD" 3 CD-R October 16, 2002. This is a recording of the full concert, taken directly from the official DVD. An excellent concert. A+
"London 2002" 3 CD-R October 27, 2002 from Wembley Arena, London. Excellent audience recording. A
"Tampa Ice Palace 2002" 3 CD-R November 24, 2002 from Tampa, Florida. Great show, nice ALD sound. A
"Atlanta 2002" 2 CD-R December 2, 2002 from the Philips Center, Atlanta, Georgia. Slightly thin sounding ALD recording. A-

Super Furry Animals
"The Scala" CD-R April 20, 2000 from King's Cross, London. I think it's a radio show. A
"Cardiff 1999" CD-R December 20, 1999 from the International Arena, Wales. Soundboard. A
"BBC" CD-R July 30, 2001 show from Maida Vale. Very nice broadcast, mostly "Rings Around the World" stuff. A
"Twist and Shout Underground" CD-R February 21, 2004 audience recording of an acoustic in-store performance. A
"Richards on Richards" 2 CD-R February 24, 2004 from Toronto. Soundboard. A

The Strokes
"Live 2001" CD-R Two shows, eleven tracks each – June 28, 2001 from London (soundboard), and July 5, 2001 from the Accelerator Festival in Sweden (audience). A (soundboard), B+ (audience)
"Columbiahalle" CD-R March 7, 2002 from Berlin. Soundboard. A

Talking Heads
"The Boarding House" CD-R September 16, 1978 from San Francisco. Soundboard. A-
"Berkelee Performance Center" CD-R August 24, 1979 from Boston. Radio broadcast. A
"The Complete Gig" CD-R Recorded live in the U.S. during the Stop Making Sense Tour. A/A+

The The
For the most part, I tend not to get too excited about audience recordings. The The bootlegs are hard to come by, so I take just about anything I can find.
"Marquee Club" CD-R March 1982. Audience recording. A very interesting early show. A messy audience recording, but fun if you are a fan of the "Burning Blue Soul" stuff. B-/C+
"Marquee Club (2)" CD-R October 1982 from London. I’m pretty sure Foetus is part of the band. Messy audience recording, but still worth hearing as an example of early The The. C
"Casino de Paris" CD-R September 18, 1989 from Paris. A radio broadcast with interview clips. A-
"Glasgow Barrowlands" CD-R September 26, 1989 from Scotland. Radio broadcast. A-
"Brixton" 2 CD-R October 2, 1989 from London. Audience. B+
"Town and Country Club" CD-R October 4, 1989. Audience recording. Not so good. C+
"Hackney Empire Theatre" 2 CD-R October 5, 1989 from London. Nice sounding audience. B+
"First Avenue" 2 CD-R November 8, 1989 from Minneapolis. Audience. B+/A-
"Bradford St. Georges Hall" CD-R From 1989, exact date unknown. Soundboard (30 minutes) A
"Citi Club" 2 CD-R February 8, 1990 from Boston. Audience. Applause fades between tracks, and the crowd is noisy. B-
"Orpheum Theatre" 2 CD-R February 7, 1990 from Boston. Audience. B+/A-
"Moore Theater" 2 CD-R March 3, 1990 from Seattle. Audience. B+/A-
"Live in Japan" 2CD (90 minutes) March 13, 1990 from Club Kawasaki. Soundboard broadcast. Original CDs. A+
"Intimate Stranger" CD 7 soundboard 1990 tracks. Original CD. A
"Bizarre Festival" CD-R June 29, 1990 from Loreley, Germany. Audience. B-
"Old Opera" 2 CD-R May 31, 1993 from Frankfurt. Only trade for this one if you were at this show. I really think it was recorded from the parking lot. D
"Save Me" CD KTS 211. June 1993 from Brixton. 12 tracks. Great soundboard. A+
"Agora Ballroom" 2 CD-R June 20, 2003 from Cleveland. I drove three hours from my college to be at this show. Audience recording by someone much further back than I was. B/B-
"Reading 1993" CD-R August 28, 1993 from England. (17 tracks) Audience. B-
"Reading 1993" CD-R August 28, 1993 from England. Not the full show (12 tracks), but a very nice soundboard recording. A
"Venus de Milo" CD-R September 11, 1993 from Boston. Audience. C
"Fletchers, Baltimore" CD-R November 23, 1999. Audience recording. Small edits between tracks to make it fit on one CD. The crowd is loud and talks a lot, but this show is very interesting. The first concert by The The in nearly 7 years. I was at this show. The band is nervous and it shows. Mostly stuff from the NakedSelf album. B-
"Fletchers, Baltimore" 2 CD-R November 23, 1999. Same show as above, but without any edits. Audience. B/B-
"Live at the Melkweg" CD-R January 25, 2000 from Amsterdam. Really excellent audience recording. A
"Live at the Melkweg - Webcast" CD-R January 25, 2000 from Amsterdam. This recording is great, especially for a webcast. It's missing two tracks from the audience version (Phantom Walls and Love is Stronger Than Death), but the quality is better. Also, this is the only soundboard recording I have (from the 2000 tour) that includes Uncertain Smile. A
"Live at the Paradiso" CD-R January 29, 2000 from Amsterdam. Good audience recording, but not as nice as the Melkweg show. B+
"Live from the Roskilde Festival" CD-R January 30, 2000. Excellent radio broadcast. A
"Live from the Showbox" 2 CD-R May 12, 2000 from Seattle. Audience recording. B/B+
"Live at the Fillmore" 2 CD-R May 16, 2000 from San Francisco. Audience recording. A-
"Live on KCRW" CD-R May 17, 2000. Seven acoustic songs and interview. A
"Rock im Park" CD-R June 10, 2000 from Franken Stadium, Nuremberg, Germany. Excellent soundboard. A
"Glastonbury 2000" CD-R 25 minute soundboard recording from the Glastonbury Festival, June 23, 2000. A
"Bowery Ballroom" 2 CD-R September 19, 2000 from New York. Audience recording of a complete show – include a super-rare live version of “I Saw the Light." A-/B+
"Live on WXRT" CD-R September 23, 2000 from Boston. Radio broadcast. Excellent soundboard. A
"Live in Winnepeg" 2 CD-R September 25, 2000 from Canada. Audience recording. B
"Cologne 2000" CD-R December 16, 2000 from the Palladium, Cologne, Germany. Excellent television broadcast. A
"Live 'Round the World" CD-R Various live sessions 89-95. A
"B-Sides Collection" 5 CD-R I compiled this mostly complete collection of remixes, b-sides, compilation tracks and collaborations. All tracks come from original CDs or old, rare vinyl – no mp3s. Includes Matt Johnson’s work with Marc and the Mambas, but not his stuff with O’Rang or The Gadgets. With that stuff added, the collection is 8 CD-Rs. A+
"Film Music - Promo to "Silent Tongue" CD-R Totally interesting. The The keeps threatening to release this compliation of film music. They managed to print a few, which were sold at a festival in 2002. This is 46 tracks of mostly instrumental music. Some tracks are short, altered instrumental versions of familiar tracks. Others are not familiar. The CD flows nicely from track to track. It will be nice if this is ever released to read the liner notes. A

"Glad" CD-R July 1, 1970 from the Fillmore West. B+
"Anderson Theatre" CD-R November 23, 1970 from New York. Soundboard. A
"Santa Monica Civic Center" CD-R February 1, 1972 from Santa Monica, California. Soundboard. A
"Woodstock 1994" CD-R August 14, 1994. Soundboard recording. The triumphant return of Traffic, more or less. Some great classics, and it sounds like Traffic. A
"Paper Rain" CD-R Various live tracks from 1967-1968
"The Wet Dreams of Mr. Fantasy" CD-R 20 stereo early demos. A

TV on the Radio
"Horseshoe Tavern" CD-R April 14, 2004 from Toronto. Broadcast. A nice show. A
"Fort De Saint Pere Festival" CD-R August 14, 2004 from Saint Malo. Nice soundboard. At 28 minutes, this just isn't long enough. A

"Shadows and Tall Trees" CD-R A mess of early demos. Great stuff. A
"Live in Dublin, Ireland - Pre-Boy Tour" CD-R February 26, 1980. Good early soundboard recording. A-
"Lost Broadcasts Volume 1" CD-R Eight tracks from October 14, 1980 from VRO Studios in Hilversum, Holland and 13 from May 11, 1981 from the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, Colorado. Soundboard recordings. The Denver stuff is a little messy. A-/B+
"Lost Broadcasts Volume 2" CD-R 11 tracks from October 30, 1981 from Amsterdam, Holland and seven tracks from August 23, 1981 from London. Both pretty good soundboard recordings. I think I prefer the London tracks a bit. A-/B+
"Driving to Midnight Mass" CD Poem read by Bono, short radio interview, and really early songs. A
"Another Time, Another Place" CD-R March 6, 1981 from Boston. Good soundboard. A-
"Pictures in Grey" CD-R June 8, 1981 from Holland. Good soundboard. A-
"Boygroup" CD-R Berlin, November 4 1981. Very good soundboard recording of October and Boy tracks. A
"Live Volume 4" CD Joker Productions. December 13, 1981 from Lido Beach, Malibu Beach Night Club, New York. Soundboard. A/A-
"St. Patrick’s Day" CD-R March 17, 1982 from the Ritz in New York. Good soundboard. B
"Red Light" CD Live in the UK, 1982. BBC recording. 13 tracks. A
"Party at Tiffany" CD March 24, 1983 from Glasgow, Scotland. Soundboard. A-
"The Complete Boston '83 Tapes" 2 CD-R The Orpheum Theatre, Boston. May 29 (that is what the CD says - actually May 6, I believe) 1983. Excellent soundboard. A
"German Television" CD-R August 20, 1983. Nice soundboard. A/A-
"Sharks in the High Chair" CD-R October 23, 1984 from France. The U2 bootleg site says audience, but for some reason it doesn’t sound like audience to me. Great show, including “Seconds" and “Indian Summer Sky." A
"One More Time" LP 16 tracks, mostly from 1987. Includes several TV recordings, including "Spring Hill" and "Womanfish." Bizarre. Quality varies from A/C.
"Syracuse" 2 CD-R October 9, 1987 from Syracuse, New York. Soundboard recording. apparently through a pro-shot video. A nice show. A/A-
"Bronco City Night" 2 CD Denver, Colorado. November 8, 1987. Soundboard - good set. A-/B+
"Joshua Tree Los Angeles" 2 CD-R November 18, 1987 from Los Angeles. Soundboard. A/A-
"Christmas in the Desert" 2 CD-R December 19, 1987 from Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Nice soundboard. A
"Rattle and Hum Digitally Remastered Outtakes" 2 CD-R There are no outtakes here, just tracks taken from the DVD. A+
"Lovetown TV Special" CD Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney Australia. From either September 27, 1989 or November 19, 1989. I have no idea. An interesting 25 minute recording. A few of the songs fade out (including an early fade on All I Want is You), but this features a rare soundboard recording of Hawkmoon 269. A
"Love Comes to Adelaide" 2 CD-R October 27, 1989 from Adelaide, Australia. Soundboard. A-/B+
"St. Stephens at the Point" 2CD KTS063/64. December 26, 1989. Soundboard. Includes a stunning complete version of “All I Want is You". U2 played hometown shows from 12/26 to 12/31/89, and they are among the best shows of their career. A/A+
"X-Mas at the Point Depot" 2 CD-R Full show from December 26, 1989 (show listed above is missing a track or two, but I like it slightly better). Soundboard. A
"Between Christmas and New Years" 2 CD-R December 27, 1989. Soundboard. Another great show. A
"At the Eleventh Hour" 2 CD-R December 30, 1989 from the Point Depot. Bad sound problems during “Bullet the Blue Sky," and a small amount of dropouts during other tracks. Still a great show. A/A-
"Happy New Year" 2CD-R December 31, 1989. Soundboard/radio broadcast from the Point Depot. A+
"Salome" 3 CD-R Excellent quality "Achtung Baby" demos. A
"Studio Recordings 1991" CD Excellent quality "Achtung" demos. A
"DC" 2CD August 16, 1992. RFK Stadium, Washington, DC. I was at this show. Very good soundboard. A-
"Zoo TV from the Mixing Desk" 2CD Unbelievable Music, 1993. Soundboard, A-/B+
"Outside Broadcast" CD Nikko Records. 11 tracks, and a lot of Zoo TV stuff U2 put together for a radio show. Great quality, very odd. Original, A+
"Zoo Europa 1993" 2 CD-R August 28, 1993 from Dublin. A nice one. Soundboard. A
"Live in Las Vegas" 2CD-R The first show of the Popmart tour, with a few tracks quickly abandoned. Good soundboard recording. A/A-
"Supermarket Superman" 2 CD-R June 18, 1997 from Oakland, California. Earpiece recording. A/A-
"Live in Nuremburg" 2 CD-R August 18, 1997 from Zeppelinfeld, Nuermburg, Germany. Soundboard recording (apparently from the feed to Bono's earplug. A roadie occasionally speaks to the band through the feed. A
"Live at Leeds" 2 CD-R August 28, 1997. Excellent radio broadcast. A
"Disconnect" 2 CD-R September 23, 1997 from Sarajevo. Good radio broadcast. A-
"Mexi Mofo" 2 CD-R Mexico City, December 3, 1997. Probably the best of the soundboard Popmart shows. The audio comes directly from the official VCD release of this show. A+
"Santiago Popmart 98" 2CD Thunderball CD, February 11, 1998. Soundboard. A
"Irving Plaza" CD-R December 5, 2000 from New York. Soundboard. A
"Dublin Boys in Town" CD Tracks 1-5 are very nice sounding BBC live tracks to promote All Thank You Can’t Leave Behind, the rest is mediocre audience. B
"Dress Rehearsal" CD-R March 21, 2001 from Miami, Florida. An earpiece recording. Some songs have no vocals, some have distant vocals, and there is all sorts of chatter. There are flaws all over the recording, but that adds to the charm of hearing something that was never intended for an audience. A
"Final Dress Rehearsal" 2 CD-R March 22, 2001 from Miami, Florida. Another earpiece recording (gotta love those enterprising bootleggers) that sounds great, even if it isn't mixed perfectly. A couple of tracks lose the signal in one channel for a bit, but this is an unusual recording, so you have to expect that stuff. A
"National Car Rental Center" 2 CD-R March 24, 2001 from Florida. Great sounding soundboard, but all recordings of this show have tiny edits between tracks. A
"Portland" 2 CD-R April 15, 2001 from Oregon. Audience. A-
"San Jose – April 20, 2001" 2 CD-R San Jose Sports Complex in California. Nice audience. Includes “All I Want is You" and “Angel of Harlem." A/A-
"Cleveland – May 3, 2001" 2 CD-R Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio. Great sounding soundboard. Best I’ve heard from the Elevation tour. A
"Chicago – May 12, 2001" 2 CD-R Very nice audience recording. A/A-
"Chicago – May 15, 2001" 2 CD-R Very nice soundboard/ALD recording. Unfortunately, all recordings of this show have significant sound problems during Elevation and Beautiful Day. After that, it sounds great. Features both 11 O’Clock Tick Tock and Out of Control. A
"Toronto – May 25, 2001" 2 CD-R Some kind of soundboard recording. Rough but excellent sound. I have no idea how this was recorded, but you can hear a metronome keeping beat during several of the tracks, implying that the recording came from the feed from a bandmember's headphones. Great setlist includes Out of Control, Sweetest Thing, and All I Want is You. Great show. A
"Boston – June 6, 2001" 2 CD-R Soundboard/ALD from the Fleet Center. A-/B+
"Boston - June 6, 2001 DVD" 2 CD-R This is a recording of the live tracks from U2's DVD. Not the complete show they performed that night, but you can't beat the sound quality. A+
"Notre Dame" 2 CD-R October 10, 2001 from South Bend, Indiana. Nice webcast. A-
"Chicago – October 16, 2001" 2 CD-R Nice sounding audience. Includes “All I Want is You." A/A-
"Providence – October 31, 2001" 2 CD-R Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island. Includes “Please" and “Party Girl." Nice audience.A-
"Austin – November 5, 2001" 2 CD-R Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas. Audience. B+
"Twickenham 2005" 2 CD-R June 18, 2005 from London. A radio broadcast - the sound is outstanding and the band sounds great. A DJ talks over Bono a few times. The recording is not of a full concert, but it includes 15 tracks. The first track, "City of Blinding Light," fades in. A
"Vertigo DVD" 2 CD-R May 9 and 10, 2005 from Chicago. Audio taken from the official "Vertigo" DVD. A+
"Bono Solo - Volume 1" CD-R A collection of Bono's contributions to other people's albums, compilations, etc. Some of the stuff (on this and the other three volumes) is clearly not just Bono - for example tracks from the Passengers album are included, plus some other stuff where the full band is present. For the most part, this stuff sounds great. Everything that's bad about Bono can be heard here - the unfortunate crooning, the dreadful choices in cover songs, and the complete inability to know when his own stuff is awful. That all being said, there are also some great songs mixed in. A
"Bono Solo - Volume 2" CD-R A
"Bono Solo - Volume 3" CD-R A
"Bono Solo - Volume 4" CD-R A

Uncle Tupelo
"So Called Friend" CD-R August 25, 1989 from Cicero’s, St. Louis. Slight crackle as tracks change, otherwise nice soundboard. A
"Live Acoustic WFMU" CD-R July 29, 1990. A
"Trax" CD-R March 18, 1991. 16 tracks from Charlottesville, VA and 9 from Chicago, 1994. Soundboard. A/A-
"Roskilde Festival, Denmark" CD-R June 1993. 13 soundboard tracks. A/A-
"Coffee Creek" CD-R June 30, 1993. This was a side project for the Jay and Jeff and one other guy. They only played old country covers. Soundboard. A
"Beloit College" CD-R November 12, 1993. Acoustic soundboard show from Wisconsin. A
"Lounge Ax" CD-R March 24, 1994. Good soundboard. A-
"Not Forever, Just For Now" 2CD-R UT's final show, St. Louis, May 1, 1994. Soundboard. A-
"More Depression" CD-R Non album tracks. A
"Early Demos" CD-R ‘Colorblind and Rhymeless’, ‘Live and Otherwise’ and ‘Not Forever, Just For Now.’ 23 tracks total, mostly studio demos. A
"No Regression" CD-R Live 1989-1993 from various (unknown) sources – a collection of cover songs. Nice quality. A/B+
"Radio Sessions" 2 CD-R NPR, WMBR, Mountain Stage, KCOU, WXDN, KUSF, and WXDN. 1990-1994. A

Suzanne Vega
"Little Big Woman" CD-R August 6, 1987 from the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco. Nice soundboard. A
"In Concert" CD-R Live in California, 1993. Soundboard. A
"Cracking" CD-R I don't know when/where this is from. Music from her first 2 albums. Soundboard. A
"Zurich 1993" CD-R May 18, 1993. Soundboard. A
"100 Degree Fahrenheit" CD-R From Zurich, May 18, 1993. This has a slightly different tracklist than the Zurich 1993 listed above, and few more songs. A
"Los Angeles 1996" CD-R No info about this one, which has soundboard tracks and interview segments (which sound like they were not recorded at show time). A
"Sessions at West 54th" CD-R Seven live tracks from a 1997 promo EP. A
"By Invitation Only" CD-R October 13, 1998 from the BBC Radio Theatre. Excellent radio broadcast. A
"Italy 1999" CD-R From Florence, Italy. Excellent soundboard. A
"Paderborn" CD-R July 29, 2001 radio broadcast from Germany. Very nice. There is a flaw during Marlene on the Wall. A
"KCRW" CD-R Radio sessions from March 22, 2001 and October 10, 2001. A
"Hamburg 2002" CD-R February 24, 2002 from Germany. Soundboard recording. A few dropouts, but still a nice show. A/A-
"Rosemary – Essential Rarities" 2 CD-R Great collection of b-sides, collaborations, TV tracks and other stuff. A

Velvet Underground
"Collector's Dream" CD-R 25 live, demos, and early singles. B+
"Sweet Sister Ray's Murder Mystery" CD-R April 30, 1968/January 28, 1969/October 2, 1968 all from La Cave, Cleveland, Ohio. Two very long songs, and one really short one. The sound is muddy, but there is stuff on the official boxset that sounds worse. B+
"Wild Side of the Street" CD-R 6 live tracks from 1969. B
"Live at End of Cole Ave." 2 CD-R A must have. Mostly from October 19, 1969. Part of this set was used in the “Live 1969" official release. This has similar sound quality (although the volume does fluctuate), and includes some great stuff, including a great version of Sister Ray. A/A-
"Live at the Bataclan Club" CD-R Mostly acoustic 1972 show from Reed, Cale and Nico. Soundboard. A
"Caught Between the Twisted Stars" 4 CD-R Box set of live tracks and rarities. A great collection. Quality varies, but there isn’t much great quality VU stuff available. A-/B
"Ultra Rare Trax Volumes 1-4" 4 CD-R Alternate mixes, Lou Reed home demos, Lou and Nico demos, and other interesting stuff. Another great collection. Quality varies, as expected. A-/B-

"Voyager" CD-R Live in New York and London, 1992. Soundboard. A
"Glastonbury 1993" CD-R Six tracks from the Glasonbury Festival. A-/B+
"Frankfurt 1994" CD-R Seven tracks from February 25, 1994, plus six more tracks from various radio show.
"Hultsfred Festival" CD-R August 13, 1994 from Sweden. Soundboard, but with a fair amount of distortion. A-/B+
"Acoustic Sessions" CD-R 1992-1997. Excellent. A
"Haigh Hall" 2 CD-R May 24, 1998 from Wigan, England. Radio broadcast. Slight jumps between tracks. A
"Have a Good Time" 2 CD-R August 15, 1998 from San Francisco. B+
"Electric Sessions Volume 1" CD-R Studio sessions 1992-1997. A
"Bittersweet" CD-R TV and radio sessions from 1997-98. A
"Black Session" CD-R Black session, France - October 1997; acoustic from U.S. radio, October 1997; acoustic live on French radio, October 1997. A
"Mad Richard's Urban Symphony" CD-R B-sides from Bittersweet Symphony, Drugs Don't Work, On Your Own, and History singles. A
"Suburban Hymns" 2 CD-R A nice collection of b-sides. A
"Richard Ashcroft - 16 Songs" CD-R Excellent studio demos of Verve tracks and unreleased songs. A

Tom Waits
"Spare Change" CD-R April 26, 1977 from Bremen, Germany. Excellent soundboard. A
"The Cirkus" 2 CD-R July 14, 1999 from Stockholm, Sweden. I think this is an audience recording, although it is nearly flawless. A
"Alice Demos" CD-R Demos recorded for the stage play “Alice", which was performed in 1992. This recording has 21 tracks. A-

The Walkmen
"Richard's on Richards" February 11, 2004 from Vancouver. Soundboard. A

Roger Waters
"Birmingham" 2 CD-R June 27, 1984. Audience. B+
"Thanks for the Ride 1 & 2" 2 CD-R Live in Stockolm, Sweden July 16 or 17, 1984. Good audience. B+
"Complete Hitchhiking Performance" 2 CD-R Soundboard recording from Radio City Music Hall, March 28, 1985. CD 1 is A, CD 2 is B
"The Chaos Theory" 2 CD-R August 26, 1987 from Madison Square Gardens, New York. Audience. A/A-
"Complete KAOS" 3 CD-R November 12, 1987 from the Mecca Arena, Milwaukee. Very good audience recording of a complete Radio KAOS show. A-
"Kaos Arie Crown Theatre" 3 CD-R November 14, 1987 from Chicago. Audience. B+
"Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd" CD-R 14 soundboard tracks from Quebec, 1987. A
"In The Flesh" 3 CD-R Excellent audience recording from Cleveland, Ohio, July 27, 1999. A-
"8/11/99 Camden, NJ" 2 CD-R While the sound is a bit rough, this is a soundboard recording from the "In the Flesh" tour - rare. The second CD is recorded at a lower volume than the first. A-/B+
"It's A Miracle" 2 CD-R Excellent audience recording from August 17, 1999 at Hershey, PA. A-
"When The Titans Broke Free" 3 CD-R Excellent audience recording from June 6, 2000 in Nashville, Tennessee. A-
"Buenos Aires" 2 CD-R March 7, 2002 radio broadcast. DJ talks between/introduces tracks. A
"Rarities" 2 CD-R A nice collection of b-sides and other rare tracks. A

"Miscellaneous Volume 1" CD-R A whole bunch of released rare songs. A
"Miscellaneous Volume 2" CD-R Unreleased, demos and other stuff from The Pod. A-/B+
"Miscellaneous Volume 3" CD-R More of the same, including "The Live Brain-Wedgie" tracks. A-/B+
"Miscellaneous Volume 4" CD-R Mostly Moistboyz outtakes and a few GodWeenSatan demos. A-
"Golden Country Greats (4-Tracks) CD-R Demos of Ween's bizarre country album. A-

Gillian Welch
"Strawberry Music Festival 1995" CD-R September 1, 1995 from Yosemite, California. Soundboard. A
"Acoustic Stage" 2 CD-R September 27, 1997 from North Carolina. Very good soundboard. A
"Jefferson Theatre" 2 CD-R May 21, 1998 from Charlottesville, VA, and Merlefest Midnight Jam, April 27, 1996. Very good audience. A-
"Strawberry Music Festival 1999" CD-R Yosemite, California. September 4, 1999. Very good soundboard. A
"Revival Demos Remastered" CD-R Excellent sounding demos. 14 tracks. A

Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams
I really like Whiskeytown, but I'm not yet sold on Ryan Adams. I keep trying, but I don't think his solo stuff has been quite as good.
"The Brewery" CD-R May 27, 1996 from Raleigh, North Carolina. Nice soundboard. A
"Drinking Games" CD-R Minneapolis, MN, 10-30-97. 13 tracks.
"Long Drive Home" 2CD-R February 11, 1998. Wild Duck Inn, Eugene Oregon. 20 excellent audience tracks, plus compilation and singles tracks.
"The Metro, Chicago 1998" CD-R Radio broadcast. One-second gaps in between tracks. A
"Waiting to Derail" CD-R Iowa City, October 29, 1997. Soundboard. A-/B+
"Austin City Limits" CD-R Recorded January 26, 1998, broadcast April 11, 1998. Nice broadcast recording. There are several live tracks at the end. They sound like they might be from another broadcast, but I don't know when or where. A
"Radio Appearances" CD-R World Cafe 5/15/98, WFMU 10/31/98, and Mountain Stage 3/1/98. A
"New Years Eve" 2 CD-R December 31, 1999. First they played Faithless Street, then Stranger's Almanac. Very good audience. A-
"Blue Highway Heartache" 2 CD CD1 is compilation tracks and other stuff; CD2 is Austin City Limits and World Cafe.
"Pre-Strangers Almanac Demos" CD-R Lo-fi versions of several album tracks, and lots of other songs – including a studio version of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. The sound could be better, however. B
"Strangers Almanac Demos" CD-R Good sounding demos for the great Whiskeytown album. A
"Sweet Valentine Demos" CD-R Also known as Forever Valentine demos. I have no idea when these were recorded, but I recognize a few from Pneumonia, only in different versions. Otherwise, most of this stuff is unfamiliar (at least to me). A-
"Fucking Pneumonia Demos" CD-R 21 tracks. Nice stuff – some Pneumonia tracks, some other stuff. A/A-
"Fucker Demos" CD-R Apparently remastered in 2002, or so I am told. They do sound fantastic. Twelve tracks. A
"Forever Valentine Demos" CD-R Also apparently remastered. Eleven tracks. A/A-
"Pnuemonia First Mix and Master" CD-R There are so many pre-release versions of this floating around. This one sounds quite a bit like the final version (different track order), but there are a few more than subtle differences scattered throughout. A
"Ryan Adams – Mercury Lounge" CD-R August 8, 1998. Audience. A-
"Ryan Adams – Exit Inn" 2 CD-R October 28, 1999 from Nashville, TN. The first CD is very good soundboard, but the second CD is mostly audience. The second CD features Gillian Welch on a few tracks. A/B+
"Ryan Adams – Asheville, NC Night " CD-R I think this is October 29, 1999. Soundboard. A
"Ryan Adams – So What Club" 2 CD-R April 17, 200 from Oslo, Norway. Audience? Soundboard? I wish I had a clue. Nice show – the vocals seem a bit muffled, but not too bad. A/A-
"Ryan Adams – Tractor Tavern" CD-R September 9, 2000 from Seattle, Washington. Apparently the first time Ryan played Amy, Damn Sam, The Fools We Are As Men and Just Like a Whore. Soundboard. A
"Ryan Adams – World Cafe and Mountain Stage" CD-R October 26, 2000 from WXPN, Philadelphia, and November 11, 2000 from the Charleston, West Virginia. A
"Ryan Adams - 7th Street Entry" 2 CD-R November 1, 2000 from Minneapolis. Excellent soundboard. If you ever wanted to hear Ryan play Oasis “Wonderwall" and Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way," this is the show for you. A
"Ryan Adams – Gotenburg" CD-R November 7, 2000 from Sweden. Nice audience. A-
"Ryan Adams – Bristol Flyer, UK" 2 CD-R November 15, 2000. Soundboard recording. A
"Ryan Adams – Great American Music Hall" 2 CD-R February 17, 2001 from San Francisco. Excellent soundboard. Great show. A
"Ryan Adams – Kulturbolaget" CD-R April 24, 2001 from Malmo, Sweden. Soundboard. A
"Ryan Adams – IMU Main Lounge" 2 CD-R December 6, 2001 from Iowa City, Iowa. Excellent soundboard. A
"Ryan Adams – Madison" 3 CD-R December 7, 2001 from Madison, Wisconsin. Nice soundboard. This guy seriously needs an editor. A
"Ryan Adams – Paradiso" 4 CD-R February 6, 2002. Four CDs! Over 30 songs! That fine line between an entertaining show and Ryan rambling on all night has finally been crossed. Nice soundboard. A
"Ryan Adams - Roseland Theatre" CD-R October 30, 2002 from Portland, Oregon. Nice soundboard recording. A
"Ryan Adams - Exile on Daisy Street" CD-R The collection starts with the single from Ryan's early band, the Patty Duke Syndrome. Then it has a few b-sides. Finally, there are 11 tracks from Ryan's pre-Whiskeytown band Lazy Stars. The recording of the band leaves much to be desired, but it is a very interesting recording for those interested in Ryan's history.
"Ryan Adams – Silver and Gold Volume 2" CD-R A nice collection of rare tracks and demos. A
"Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker Demos" 2 CD-R From 1998-1999, some of these are clearly Whiskeytown demos, some of them are demos for Heartbreaker tracks, and who knows about the rest. Nice sound. A
"Ryan Adams - Gold Outtakes" CD-R Very nice sounding collection of 10 tracks. A
"Ryan Adams – Pinkheart Demos" CD-R Demos for yet another Ryan Adams album. This one with a noisier band. It ends up sounding a bit like the louder Whiskeytown stuff. Also includes some piano demos, and a compilation track (Brown Sugar cover) with Beth Orton. A

Jim White
"The Fez" CD-R April 29, 1997 from The Fez in New York. Soundboard. A
"KCRW" CD-R March 23, 2001. Interview and live tracks. Great stuff. A
"North Star Bar" 2 CD-R April 28, 2001 soundboard recording. CD 2 also includes the World Cafe recording. A
"World Cafe" CD-R May 31, 2001 radio broadcast with interviews. A
"Blue Note" CD-R 8-2-2001 from Columbus, Ohio. A
"Bremen 2001" 2 CD-R May 21, 2001 radio broadcast from Germany. Excellent. A

White Stripes
"Singles and Peel Sessions" CD-R Fifteen tracks from 7" singles, plus 13 tracks from a Peel broadcast from July 25, 2001. A
"Peel Sessions" CD-R Same Peel session as above, but also includes four tracks from a BBC Evening Session from December 4, 2001. A
"Peel Sessions 2" CD-R August 11, 2001. A little more raw sounding recording than the stuff above. A/A-
"Spaceland" CD-R March 1, 2001 from Silverlake, California. Soundboard (I think). A
"London Forum" CD-R November 29, 2001 from London. Radio broadcast. A
"Tavastia" CD-R March 15, 2002 from Helsinki, Finland. Radio broadcast. A

The Who
"The Who Remembers the High Numbers" CD-R Very early Who demos and live stuff. A-/B+
"Shakin’ All Over" CD-R April 5, 1968 from the Fillmore East in New York. Very good soundboard. A-
"Live Tommy At The Leeds" CD-R February 14, 1970. Soundboard. A-/B+
"Young Vic Blues" CD-R April 26, 1971 from Waterloo, South London. Soundboard. A-/B+
"Gutter Punks at a Warehouse" CD-R New Orleans, November 1971. 12 soundboard tracks. A-/B+
"The Punk Meets The Godfather" CD Quadrophenia Demos from 1973. A
"From Lifehouse to Leeds" Six full band demos from "Who's Next," and four live tracks. A
"Next Sessions" CD-R Alternate mixes and outtakes from "Who's Next." Excellent. A
"Tales from the Who" CD December 4, 1973 from Philadelphia or possibly from December 6 from Maryland. This is a recording of a radio broadcast. Very good soundboard. A-
"Who Put A Better Boot In 1976" June 12, 1976 at Swansea. Excellent soundboard. A
"On The Board - Quadrophenia Live" 2 CD-R July 18, 1996. Madison Square Gardens, New York. Radio broadcast. A
"Tommy Demos" CD 1991, Yellow Dog Records. 24 tracks. Pete's original demos. Excellent stuff. A
"Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos" 2 CD-R Great demos of tracks that made it onto "Who's Next" and "Quadrophenia," as well as others from the "Lifehouse" project. A/A-
"Life With The Moons" CD-R 21 rare tracks not on the box set. A
"Pete Townshend – Brixton 1985" 2 CD-R Excellent soundboard recording, featuring David Gilmour on a few tracks. A
"Pete Townshend - The Genuine Scoop" 5 CD-R Pete's demos, from My Generation to Who Are You, more or less. Some of this stuff has been released on Pete's "Scoop" series, but not all of it. A nice, comprehensive collection. A
"Pete Townshend - The Lifehouse Chronicles" 6 CD This is not a bootleg - it is a limited edition mail order only boxset with 6 CDs of Lifehouse stuff. Two CDs are original demos, 2 more are different versions, live tracks and some classical music, and the last two are the Lifehouse radio play put on by the BBC. A+

"Live in St. Louis" 2 CD-R April 29, 1995 soundboard recording. A
"Harper College" 2 CD-R February 5, 1997 from Palantine, IL. I think this is soundboard - everything sounds perfect except the vocals, which have a small amount of the echo that I associate with an audience recording. Also, there are tiny jumps between some of the songs. A/A-
"Iron Horse Tavern" CD-R February 19, 1997 from Ontario. Excellent radio broadcast. The tracklisting is a little off – there are 17 songs, but only 7 tracks on the CD. A
"Fillmore West" 2 CD-R May 10, 1997 live on KFOG. Excellent soundboard. A
"Brittle Bank Park" CD-R October 19, 1997 from the WAVF Festival, Charleston, South Carolina. Soundboard. A
"Liberty Lunch" 2 CD-R November 7, 1997. Austin, Texas. Excellent soundboard. A
"Tower Records" CD-R March 11, 1999 from Chicago. Excellent soundboard. A
"Shepard's Bush Empire" 2 CD-R March 27, 1999 from London. Soundboard. A
"American Stars in Bars" CD-R April 21, 1999. Excellent soundboard. A
"Irving Plaza" 2 CD-R April 21, 1999 from New York. Radio broadcast. A
"Live at the Avalon" 2CD-R April 23, 1999. Excellent audience. A
"Nuremberg" 2CD-R July 8, 1999. Excellent soundboard. A
"She's German" CD-R July 9, 1999. Rockpalast Air Festival, Germany. Excellent soundboard. A
"Headliners" 2 CD-R October 28, 1999 from Madison, Wisconsin. Very nice audience recording. A
"Newport Music Hall" 2 CD-R November 6, 1999 from Columbus, Ohio. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"New Year's Eve" 2 CD-R December 31, 1999 from the Riviera Theater in Chicago. Excellent soundboard. A
"Last Show at the Lounge Ax" 2 CD-R January 9, 2000 from Chicago. Excellent audience. A
"The Pier" CD-R CD-R July 27, 2000 from Seattle. Soundboard. A
"Fillmore" 2 CD-R July 31, 2000 from San Francisco. Soundboard. A
"Rock the River" 2 CD-R August 12, 2000 from Chicago. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"Bowery Ballroom" 2 CD-R September 18, 2000 from New York. Several "Mermaid Ave." tracks, and a couple of early "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" songs. Excellent soundboard. A
"Petrillo Band Shell" CD-R July 4, 2001 from Chicago. Radio broadcast. Last two tracks have a bit of radio noise. A/A-
"Majestic Theater" 2 CD-R October 5, 2001 from Detroit. Outstanding soundboard recording. A+
"Moore Theatre" 2 CD-R November 28, 2001 from Seattle. Great soundboard show. A favorite of mine. Includes a few tracks with Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows. A+
"Memorial Chapel" 2 CD-R April 27, 2002 from Union College, Schenectady, New York. Excellent soundboard. Includes a nice version of "Not For the Season." A
"WMMM" CD-R July 31, 2002 from Madison, Wisconsin. Four live in the studio tracks, plus interview segments. A
"Bumbershoot" 2 CD-R September 2, 2002 from Seattle. Soundboard broadcast. Excellent. A
"Bumbershoot Remastered" 2 CD-R Same show as above, this time "remastered." I don't know how much better it sounds, but either way it is an excellent recording. A
"KCRW" CD-R September 10, 2002 radio broadcast. Includes six live in the studio tracks and some interviews. A
"Washington D.C. Webcast" 2 CD-R October 15, 2002 from the 9:30 Club. A bit muffled, but not bad for a webcast. B+/A-
"Tampa Theater" 2 CD-R November 2, 2002 from Tampa, Florida. Soundboard. A
"Clark County Ampitheatre" CD-R September 3, 2003 from Ridgefield, Washington. Soundboard. A
"McDonald Theatre" 2 CD-R September 4, 2003 from Eugene, Oregon. Soundboard. A
"9:30 Club" 2 CD-R June 9, 2004 from Washington, D.C. I tried to get tickets but they sold out very, very quickly. Luckily I have this excellent soundboard recording of this very nice show. A
"The Vic Theatre" 2 CD-R June 12, 2004 from Chicago. A webcast recording. Tiny jumps between tracks. A
"Center for the Performing Arts" 2 CD-R November 13, 2004 from San Jose, California. Nice soundboard. A
"Paramount Theatre" 2 CD-R November 14, 2004 from Oakland, California. Soundboard. The sound is great and the audience sounds very far away. A
"KCRW 2004" CD-R November 17, 2004 live in the studio and interview. A
"Wiltern Theatre" 2 CD-R November 18, 2004 from Los Angeles. Sometimes it gets tiresome to review Wilco shows - another brilliant soundboard recording. A
"Hammersmith Apollo" 2 CD-R March 14, 2005 from London. Where do all of these brilliant soundboard recordings come from? I really don't understand it. A
"A.M. Demos" CD-R Eight tracks, varies from A to A-
"Summerteeth Demos" CD-R 13 tracks. A-
"Mermaid Ave Vol. 3" CD-R A mix of Wilco and Billy Bragg demos. Varies from A to A-
"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos" CD-R Early version, apparently dating to 1999. Features six Wilco tracks, and then a bunch of Jay Bennett stuff. A
"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos" CD-R 18 track version, with several piano demos that sound like they might be from a radio show. Nice stuff. A
"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos" CD-R 21 track version, which incorporates the stuff on the 18 track version, as well as a few more alternates. Also includes the stuff from the early version. Excellent sound, and a fascinating listen. A
"Outta Print Outta Site" CD-R Credited to Jeff Tweedy, this has 23 Wilco B-Sides and a few Tweedy collaborations. A
"Outta Print Outta Site Volume 2" CD-R More of the same type of stuff – live, non-album tracks and other stuff. A
"Non-Album Tracks" 3 CD-R An excellent collection of b-sides and compilation tracks, covering up until about 2002. A
"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" CD-R 17 tracks taken from the official DVD. A
"The Wilco Book" CD Music from the CD that came with the 2004 Wilco Book. A+
"Jeff Tweedy - November 18, 1997" 2CD-R Acoustic, from the Lounge Axe. Audience recording. A-
"Jeff Tweedy - Old Town School of Folk Music Fest." CD-R July 25, 1999 from Chicago. With Jay Bennett. Soundboard. A
"Jeff Tweedy - 1-4-00" 2 CD-R From the Lounge Axe. Audience. A-
"Jeff Tweedy - Portland, Oregon" 2 CD-R March 5, 2001 audience recording. Very nice recording. A
"Jeff Tweedy - The Vic" 2 CD-R January 9, 2003 from Chicago. Excellent soundboard recording. Halfway through the show, the rest of the band shows up and this turns into a Wilco concert. A

Lucinda Williams
"McCabe’s Guitar Shop" 2 CD-R August 9, 1991. Excellent soundboard. A
"3rd and Lindsley Bar and Grill" 2 CD-R July 19, 1998 from Nashville. Emmylou Harris wanders out for "Greenville." Soundboard. A/A-
"KFOG" CD-R September 26, 1998 broadcast, plus a few tracks from GLR and Jools Holland. A
"Ottawa" 2 CD-R October 31, 1998 from Ontario. Excellent soundboard. Also includes eight tracks from Austin City Limits. A
"House of Blues" 2 CD-R April 23, 1999 from New Orleans. Soundboard. A
"Live at Lupos" 2 CD-R May 6, 1999 from Providence, Rhode Island. Audience. A-
"Live in Concert" CD-R September 5, 1999. Altel Pavillion, Raleigh, North Carolina. Soundboard, but with one-second gaps in between tracks, and one track cuts off abruptly. A-
"Dark Side of Life" CD-R Nice collection of rarities and collaborations. A
"Sweet Old World Original Version" CD-R Demos or early versions, I don't know. A-

Kelly Willis
"Alley Katz" CD-R October 11, 1998 from Richmond, VA with Bruce Robison and Richard Buckner. Not the complete show. Soundboard. A-
"Live at Johnny D’s" 2 CD-R April 22, 1999. Audience. A-
"Penn’s Landing" CD-R July 18, 1999 from Philadelphia. Filler is five tracks from Sessions at West 54th. Soundboard. A
"Austin City Limits" CD-R July 14, 2000. Several tracks from a broadcast that also featured John Hiatt (also on this CD). A-

Wolf Parade
"Studio 2" CD-R November 1, 2004 radio sessions from Vancouver. Five tracks, about 25 minutes. A

Yo La Tengo
"Sweden" CD-R November 15, 1997 from Pusterviks Bar in Goteborg, Sweden. A radio broadcast with occasional DJ chatter between a few tracks. A
"Bumbershoot" CD-R September 5, 1998 from the Rock Arena in Seattle. Very good soundboard. A
"Radio Aligre" CD-R December 12, 1999 from Paris. Live in the studio radio show. They play nine tracks, including a cover of “Sloop John B." A
"WFMU Pledge Drive 1996" CD-R Every year Yo La Tengo shows up at their local public radio station to help out with the pledge drives. People call in and request cover songs, turning Yo La Tengo into the world's worst bar band. The results are pretty funny, but you have to be impressed with how many songs they know, or at least attempt. I'm giving all of these CDs an 'A' rating, even though the quality varies a bit. The entertainment value outweighs a few minor flaws in the recordings. 1996 includes a brilliant attempt at the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" - they can't do the music, so they sing along with the instrumental version. 21 tracks. A
"WFMU Pledge Drive 1997" CD-R Includes attempts at Goldfinger, Sloop John B, Satisfaction and others. 30 tracks. A
"WFMU Pledge Drive 1998" CD-R Includes London Calling, You Sexy Thing, Raspberry Beret, Our Lips Are Sealed and others. 37 tracks. A
"WFMU Pledge Drive 1999" CD-R Includes Dear Prudence, Bad Time to be in Love, and a very funny attempt at Weezer's Undone (The Sweater Song) that somehow turns into "Hang On Sweater," based on Hang On Sloopy. 24 tracks. A
"WFMU Pledge Drive 2000" CD-R Includes Sweet Dreams, Don't You Want Me Baby, Welcome Back Kotter, and Watching the Detectives. 30 tracks. A

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