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Pink Floyd
(See Roger Waters CDs on Page 4). The best source for Pink Floyd bootleg info is The Pink Floyd ROIO Database. This site has tracklistings and reviews of nearly every Pink Floyd recording.
"Outtakes from Outer Space" CD-R Various early/Syd Barrett tracks. Sound varies from A to C
"Dawn of the Piper" CD-R A nice sounding collection of early demos, radio sessions and other stuff. A-/B+
"Pinkie Milkie" CD-R One CD of various rare tracks. A/B
"The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969" 2CD Radio broadcast tracks, great stuff with Syd Barrett and later. I think this is the best of the "Top Gear" recordings. Five different sessions, all around A- to B.
"The Man and The Journey" CD-R Amsterdam, September 1969. A strange soundboard performance piece where Pink Floyd plays many of their early songs all blended together. Interesting and very good. A
"Six of One" 2 CD-R February 28, 1970 from Refectory Hall, Leeds University, England. Audience. A/A-
"Alan's Psychedelic Mastertape" 3 CD-R December 22, 1970 from City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Not very good audience, but if you've ever wanted to hear "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" live, then this is the show for you. B-
"Interstellar Encore" 2CD April 29, 1970. Excellent soundboard. Original CD. A
"Eclipse" CD 16 Sep 1970, and Mar 10, 1971. BBC recordings. Very good soundboard. A-
"Electric Factory" 2 CD-R September 26, 1970 from Philadelphia. Excellent audience. A
"Live in London 1971" CD(Actually 1970) 5 BBC recorded tracks. Original CD. A+
"Meddler" CD-R September 30, 1971. Very good BBC recording. Soundboard. A-
"Rock Hour" CD September 30, 1971. 54 minute BBC broadcast, 3 songs. Radio show, complete with commercials. A
"Smoking Blues" 2CD-R Nov 21, 1970, Montreux Casino, Montreux. Decent soundboard. B-
"Live in Montreux 1971" 2CD-R September 18/19, 1971. Soundboard. A-
"Atom Heart Mother" 2CD Various 70-71 tracks. Excellent soundboard. Original CD. A
"One of these Days" CD-R October 12, 1971. 3 BBC recordings. Excellent soundboard. A
"Best of Tour 72" CD-R February 17, 1972. London. Soundboard. A
"Live in Tokyo 1972" 2CDR March 6, 1972. B+
"Rememberance of Things Past" CD-R 1973 French radio broadcast. B
"Paranoid Delusions" 2 CD-R October 12, 1973 from Olympiahalle, Munich, West Germany. Audience. A-
"Brain Damage" CD-R November 16, 1974. BBC recording of a live Darkside performance. Excellent. A
"Wembley Arena" CD-R November 16, 1974. This is the same show as "Brain Damage," but it's a better recording. This is the one to go for, if you are interested. A/A+
"British Winter Tour" CD-R November 19, 1974, Trentham Gardens. Early version of Animals songs. Audience. B-
"Cruel But Fair" 2 CD-R April 26, 1975 from the Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California. Slightly tinny audience recording, but nice and clear. A
"Echoes in the Garden" 3 CD-R June 18, 1975 from Boston. Excellent audience recording of early Animals and Wish You Were Here songs. A
"Azimuth Coordinator Volume 3 & 4" 2 CD-R The legendary Montreal performance where Roger spits on a fan - then he begins to write The Wall. Good audience. B
"Absolut Floyd" 2 CD-R January 30, 1977 from Deutchelandehalle, West Berlin, West Germany. Audience. B
"Iron Pigs on Fire" 2 CD-R May 1, 1977 from Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas. Audience. A-
"Curse of the Pig" 2 CD-R June 27, 1977 from Boston Gardens, Boston. Audience. A-
"Oakland Coliseum" 2CD-R 9/5/77. Animals tour. Good audience recording. B
"The Wall Live" 2CD February 28, 1980. Original CD, supposed to be soundboard but not the best. B-
"Building the Wall" CD As far as I am concerned, this was one of the most exciting bootlegs I own. Most of this CD is Roger Waters’ original home demos for The Wall, with a few tracks that sound like they might be full band demos. And they sound excellent. A
"The Wall Demos - Remastered" CD-R Same demos as "Building the Wall," only they have been remastered in some way. A
"The Wall - Soundtrack" 2 CD-R A nice recording (it's been remastered) of the movie soundtrack. A
"Total Eclipse" 4 CD-R Various rare tracks covering 67-93. Varies, but generally excellent. A

"Fallout Shelter" CD-R December 15, 1986. Super early Pixies show. Fair soundboard. B
"WERS Broadcast" CD-R January 17, 1987 from Emerson College, Boston. A-
"Melkweg" CD-R April 14, 1988 from Amsterdam. Poor soundboard. C
"Paar Von Troje" CD-R April 16, 1988 from The Hague. Mediocre soundboard. B
"Pixies DVD" CD-R May 1, 1988 from the Town & Country Club, London. This recording is the audio from the Pixies live DVD. A+
"Corn Exchange" CD-R April 23, 1989 from Cambridge. Mediocre audience. B-
"Gigantic" CD 26 BBC tracks, Danish TV live, and Live at Newcastle April 27, 1989. Original CD. B
"Return of the Fat Man" CD-R May 8, 1989. Nice soundboard. A
"Live in Heaven" CD-R June 12, 1989 from Vienna, Austria. Nice soundboard. A
"Cabaret Metro" CD-R 8-10-89 from Chicago. The guy who gave me this one had this to say: "I believe the first half is from the 4AD promo and the second half if from FM (you can hear where commercials or DJ were edited out)". A
"Belfort Festival" CD-R June 28, 1991 from France. Broadcast. A
"Leysin Festival" CD-R July 11, 1991 from Switzerland. Soundboard. Slightly thin sounding, but I'd still give it an A.
"Ed is Dead" CD-R December 22, 1991 from Los Angeles. Nice soundboard. A
"Doolittle Demos" CD-R 21 tracks. A-/B+
"Rough Diamonds" CD-R31 tracks from various radio sessions, and I think a few demos. A
"Early Demos" CD-R "First Demos" from 1986, "Fort Apache Studio" demos from March 1987, and "Boston Rehearsal Tapes" from 1988. A-
"B-Side File 3rd Edition" CD-R A fantastic collection of 29 b-sides and compilation tracks. A
The Pixies Reunion Tour: These shows are official soundboard recordings sold at www.disclive.com and www.theshowlive.com. I bought a few of them, and the rest are from trades.
Check out the setlists for the recent Pixies shows here.
"April 13, 2004" 2 CD From the Fine Line Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A+
"April 14, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A+
"April 15, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Doris Knight Hall in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. A+
"April 17, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Prairieland Exhibition Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. A+
"April 18, 2004" 2 CD-R From Red's in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A+
"April 19, 2004" 2 CD-R From MacEwan Hall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A+
"April 21, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Victoria Curling Club in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A+
"April 22, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A+
"April 23, 2004" 2 CD From the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A+
"April 24, 2004" 2 CD-R From the Big Easy in Spokane, Washington. A+
"April 25, 2004" CD-R From the Big Easy in Boise, Idaho. This one has been put on one CD-R - nothing is missing. A+
"April 27, 2004" 2 CD-R From the McDonald Theater in Eugene, Oregon. A+
"April 28, 2004" 2 CD-R From the McDonald Theater in Eugene, Oregon. A+
"April 29, 2004" 2 CD-R From Freeborn Hall in Davis, California. A+
"May 1, 2004" CD-R From the Coachella Festival in California. A+
"June 2, 2004" 2 CD From Brixton Academy, England. A+
"June 3, 2004" 2 CD Second night at Brixton. A+
"November 26, 2004" 2 CD-R From Cepsum Arena, Montreal. A+
"November 28, 2004" 2 CD-R From Hull, Quebec. A+
"December 7, 2004" 2 CD From Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. I was at this show. A+
"December 8, 2004" 2 CD From Constitution Hall Washington, D.C. I was also at this show. A+
"December 12, 2004" 2 CD From New York. A+
"December 18, 2004 Late Show" 2 CD-R From New York. The last show of the tour . . . until they decided to keep touring. A+
"June 8, 2005" CD From Cleveland, Ohio. The CD calls this a "special performance," but I have no idea why. It sounds like the rest of the tour. A+
"August 6, 2005 (Acoustic)" CD From the Newport Folk Festival, Rhode Island (which mostly isn't an island and is really too small to be a state). An acoustic performance, which is a nice change of pace from the rest of the tour. A+

The Police
"Orpheum Theatre" CD-R November 27, 1979 from Boston. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"Bring on the Night" CD-R August 22, 1980 from Les Arenes, Beziers, France. Soundboard. A-
"Many Miles Away" CD-R August 2, 1983 radio broadcast from Montreal. A
"Lost BBC Studio Tapes 1978-1979" CD-R Nice stuff from several sessions. A/A-
"Not in the Box" CD-R 13 rare tracks not included in the "Complete Recordings" box set - including several remixes and live tracks. Also includes the Spanish and Japanese versions of De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. A/A-

Polyphonic Spree
"Dan's Bar" CD-R October 7, 2001 from Denton, Texas. Soundboard. A couple of flaws, but excellent sound. The happy hippies play "Ride Captain Ride," which nobody needed to hear. A
"SXSW" CD-R March 16, 2002 from the South by Southwest Festival. Soundboard. A
"DVD Tracks" CD-R The DVD of "Together We're Heavy" comes with a DVD with live tracks and video. This CD-R has the audio from the live stuff (five tracks from Tokyo 2003 and four tracks from Chicago 2003). A+
"KCRW" CD-R Two sessions, nearly 40 minutes each. From April 29, 2003 and July 22, 2004. A

Portishead/Beth Gibbons
"Mysterious Heads" CD Seattle, April 17, 1995. Good Audience. B
"Welcome to Portishead" CD-R Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. May 25, 1995. Excellent soundboard. A
"Non Album Tracks" CD-R 15 b-sides from first album singles. A
"Route du Rock" CD-R Excellent soundboard from St. Malo, France. A
"Elysium" CD-R August 21, 1998 from the Butzweiler Hof, Cologne, Germany. Excellent soundboard, plus several rehearsal tracks. A
"Desolation Row" CD-R Tracks from Jools Holland 1998, Glastonbury 1998, and Lezenith, Paris 1998. Good stuff. A
"No Festival Sudoeste" CD-R 1998 from the Sudoeste Festival. Radio broadcast. A
"Beth Gibbons/Rustin Man - Berlin" CD-R February 21, 2003 from Universitat der Kunste, Berlin, Germany. Soundboard. A/A+
"Beth Gibbons/Rustin Man - Cologne" CD-R February 24, 2003 from Kultkomplex Cafe, Germany. Radio broadcast. A/A+

Primal Scream
You've got to love a band with a song called "Kill All Hippies."
"Glasgow 1998" CD-R February 8, 1998. Soundboard. A
"Live at Leeds 2000" Soundboard recording. A/A-
"Maida Vale" CD-R March 20, 2000 broadcast from Maida Vale. A
"The Garage" 2 CD-R From Glasgow in 2003. Soundboard recording. A
"Hoping for Palestine Concert" CD-R October 16, 2004. Tracks taken directly from the official DVD, but for some reason the recording sounds a bit distant.
"Non-Album Tracks" CD-R 15 tracks from singles, primarily from 2000-2002. A

"Haarlem 1993" CD-R May 5, 1993 from the Netherlands. Nice soundboard recording of this early show. About 30 minutes. A
"Gino, Stockholm" CD-R December 1, 1995 from Sweden. Excellent soundboard, but recorded with one second gaps between songs. A
"The Best Thing That You Ever Had" CD Live at the Avalon, Boston April 13, 1996 and one track from the Milton Keynes Bowl July 30, 1996. A
"Moonstruck" CD-R 15 soundboard tracks from June 24, 1997, Utrecht, Holland. A-
"Rounding the Bends" CD June 28, 1997 from Glastonbury. Soundboard. A/A-
"Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom" CD August 26, 1997. 10 tracks plus 4 BBC sessions. A
"Paris 1997" 2 CD-R October 18, 1997 from Le Zénith, Paris, France. Audience. A-
"Complete MTV Ten Spot" 2 CD-R December 19, 1997 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. This is the complete 22 soundboard recorded tracks. MTV only aired 14. A
"The Tourlist" CD-R 1998. I believe this is from the MTV 10 Spot show. A
"Radio France '98" CD-R Amnesty Concert, 10-12-98. Radio broadcast. A
"Florence 2000" 2 CD-R June 22, 2000 from Florence, Italy. Audience. B+
"SFB Berlin 2000" 2 CD-R July 4, 2000 from Berlin. Crystal clear soundboard recording. Radio broadcast – a DJ talks once or twice, but not over any songs. A few skips. A
"Copenhagen 2000" CD-R September 8th 2000 from Valby Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Not a complete show, but great sound. Soundboard. A
"Werchter Festival" CD-R September 12, 2000 from Brussels, Belgium. Soundboard. Edits between tracks. A-
"Holland 2000" 2 CD-R September 16, 2000 radio broadcast from Goffertpark, Nijmegen. Excellent versions of Kid A tracks. A
"London 2000" 2 CD-R October 2, 2000 webcast from Victoria Park, Warrington, Cheshire, England. A
"Sears Theatre" 2 CD-R October 17, 2000 from Toronto, Ontario. Soundboard/webcast. Nice complete recording of this show. A
"Kid A: Amnesiac in Paris" CD-R April 28, 2001 from Canal Plus Studios, Paris, France. Excellent quality television broadcast. A
"Rock Am Ring Festival" 2 CD-R June 1, 2001 from Nurburgring, Germany. Excellent quality soundboard. A
"Later With Jools Holland" CD-R June 9, 2001 from London. Excellent soundboard. A
"Santa Barbara Bowl" 2 CD-R June 30, 2001 from Santa Barbara, California. Audience. A-
"Oxford 2001" 2 CD-R July 7, 2001 from Oxford, England. Excellent FM broadcast. They play Creep. The crowd goes nuts. A
"Chicago 2001" 2 CD-R August 1, 2001 from Hutchison Field, Chicago. Audience recorded with gaps between tracks. A-/B+
"Thom York - Bridge Benefit Unplugged" 2 CD-R October 26 and 27, 2002. Outstanding audience recordings of solo Thom. October 26 sounds slightly better, but only slightly. Great stuff. A
"Electric Lady Studios" 2 CD-R June 4, 2003 radio sessions from WXRK New York. Two sessions were recorded. A
"Tweeter Center" 2 CD-R August 13, 2003 from Mansfield, Massachusetts. Broadcast on WBCN Boston. A/A+
"Parc Jean-Drapeau" CD-R August 15, 2003 from Montreal. Broadcast. Some interview tracks. A/A-
"Hifi Buys Ampitheathre" 2 CD-R October 6, 2003. Radio broadcast. A DJ yaps several times. A
"Earls Court 1" 2 CD-R November 26, 2003 from London. Soundboard. A
"Earls Court 2" 2 CD-R November 27, 2003 from London. Broadcast on XFM. A little distortion, but overall a very good sounding show. A
"Oxford's Angels" CD-R 23 B-sides from 1992-1995. A
"OK Computer B-Sides" CD-R 16 tracks of mostly b-sides. Also includes Thom Yorke tracks with UNKLE and with Drugstore. A
"Spastic Puppet Boy" 5 CD-R B-sides galore, and other stuff. I have the tracklist for the first three. After that seems to be mostly live tracks. A
"B-Sides Collection" 4 CD-R well, you can never have too many b-sides. A nice collection. Unlike all of my other Radiohead b-sides collections, this one includes the excellent Amnesiac b-sides. A
"Unplugged - The Complete Acoustic Sessions" CD 21 tracks recorded on a bunch of radio shows. A

Railroad Jerk
"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R I assembled this collection from vinyl and CD. Includes Railroad Jerk, Marcellus Hall, and White Hassle tracks. A

Lou Reed
"Waiting for the Glittering Man" CD-R 12 radio broadcast tracks from December 26, 1972. A
"Phantom of Rock" CD-R January 27, 1973 from the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York. Soundboard. A/A-
"Waiting for Lou" CD-R May 14, 1974 from Stockholm, Sweden. Nice soundboard. A/A-
"Whatever Happened to Dick and Steve" CD-R Another show listed as May 14, 1974 from Stockholm, Sweden, but it has different tracks as "Waiting for Lou." Maybe Lou played two sets, I don’t know. Nice soundboard. A/A-
"Complete Blondes Have More Fun" 2 CD-R August 21, 1974 from Sydney, Australia. Good audience. A-
"Leave Me Alone" 2 CD-R October 23, 1976 from Akron, Ohio. Nice soundboard. A
"Agora Theatre" CD-R October 3, 1984 from Cleveland, Ohio. Includes two interview segments. Radio broadcast. A
"Magic and Loss Live" 2CD From the official and out of print VHS - recorded live in London with no audience. Excellent soundboard. A+
"Amsterdam 1992" CD-R March 9, 1992 from Carre Theatre, Amsterdam. Soundboard. A
"Hammersmith Odeon" CD-R March 23, 1992 from London. Excellent soundboard. A
"Leysin Festival" CD-R July 9, 1992 from Switzerland. Excellent soundboard. A
"Power and Glory" 2 CD-R September 12, 1992 from the World Music Theatre, Finley Park, Illinois. Great show, excellent soundboard. A/A+
"A Dream Alive" CD Live in 1992. 16 soundboard tracks from "Magic and Loss" tour. A
"A Day in the Garden" 2 CD-R August 15, 1998 from Bethel, New York. I think this is an audience recording, but the sound is excellent. A
"Sessions from West 54th" CD-R Date unknown, but he does play one track from Ecstasy. Great version of "Pale Blue Eyes." A
"Euro Ecstacy" 2 CD Thunderball Records. Live from the Philipshalle in Dusseldorf, Germany on April 24, 2000. Great soundboard recording – the sound is good enough to be an official release. An excellent recording from Lou’s 2000 tour, which features gorgeous versions of "Rock Minuet" and "Set the Twilight Reeling." A+
"Akasaka Britz" 2 CD-R October 25, 2000 from Tokyo. I can’t tell if this is soundboard or audience. Sound is a bit muffled, but still pretty good. A-/B+
"Off the Record" CD-R Collection of non-album tracks. A
"Hidden Thoughts and Expressions" CD-R Collection of non-album tracks. Some overlap with "Off the Record," but this has several unique tracks. A

"20th Century Boys" 2CD-R 2 shows from 1983 and 1980. 46 songs. Great soundboard. A.
"Early Movements" CD-R 11 Chronic Town outtakes + 10 1980 garage rehearsals. A-
"That Beat in Time" CD-R Athens, GA 1981. Great soundboard quality. A
"Do You Remember - Dead Giveaway Office" LP Early covers, including "Secret Agent Man," "Pills," and "Femme Fatale." No info, tracklisting is in alphabetical order (?), but great quality. A-
"Fridays" CD-R March 31, 1981 from Greensboro, North Carolina. Soundboard. A/A-
"Carnival of Sorts" CD-R April 24, 1982 from Madison, Wisconsin. Very good soundboard. There are edits between some of the songs – probably dialogue removed. A
"Radio Free Georgia" CD-R Atlanta, Georgia May 14, 1982. 16 radio broadcast live tracks, with occasional DJ. Otherwise an excellent show. A
"Strand Cabaret" CD-R July 2, 1982 from Marietta, Georgia. Soundboard. A-
"Rising" CD-R Toronto, 1983. 20 tracks, great soundboard. A
"Those Were the Days CD-R 17 1983 demo tracks. A-/B+
"Carnival of Sorts" CD-R 16 tracks, March 18, 1983 (?) CD says 1987, but the track listing and venue don't support that. A
"Live at Rock City" CD-R November 11, 1983. BBC broadcast. Soundboard. B+
"Live in Florida" CD-R September 29, 1984. Soundboard. A-
"The Georgia Peaches" 2LP St. Petersburg, FL. 11/26/85. Roger McGuinn on 2 tracks. B
"We are Having a Heavenly Time" LP Page Auditorium, 1985(?). Alleges to be a fan club record. B
"Rockpalast" 2 CD-R October 2, 1985 from Bochum, Germany. Nice soundboard recorded show. A
"These Days" CD London Hammersmith, October 29, 1985 (2nd show). Soundboard, except for the last 4 tracks which are demos. This is supposedly an unaired radio broadcast. A-
"McCabe’s Guitar Shop" CD-R May 24, 1987. Acoustic show with Steve Wynn and Natalie Merchant. A
"Utrecht 1987" 2 CD-R September 14, 1987 from Muziekcentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands. Great soundboard show. A medley at the end includes "Red Rain." A
"It's the End of the World . . ." CD-R Live during the Green World Tour USA, 1989. Excellent soundboard. A
"Pop Songs 89" LP Nearly the entire "Green" album live, in order from various shows. A couple of demos thrown in. B
"From the Borderline" 2CD March 19, 1991 and March 22, 1991. With Billy Bragg and Robyn Hitchcock. Sounds like good audience recording. B
"Latex or Oil Base?" CD 16 songs from live 'Out of Time' appearances - Mountain Stage, Rockline, etc. Sounds excellent, but I'm not a big 'Out of Time' fan. A
"Radio Songs" CD-R Out of Time radio tour, Mountain Stage and Rockline recordings. Soundboard. A
"Wood Green" CD-R The Out of Time Mountain Stage performance (May 4, 1991) and six songs from the 1987 McCabe’s Guitar Shop show. A
"Milton Keyes" 2 CD-R July 30, 1995 from the National Bowl in England. A nice example of the Monster tour. Soundboard. A
"Live it Up" CD 12 soundboard tracks from London, October 25, 1998. Radio broadcast. A
"Live on Later" CD-R BBC TV. 17 tracks. Great soundboard, but with gaps. A
"Upload" 2 CD-R November 9, 1998 from Stockholm, and November 2, 1998 from Hamburg. Radio broadcast. A.
"Live in Atlanta" 2CD-R August 31, 1999. Very good soundboard. A-
"Rock in Rio" 2 CD-R January 13, 2001 from Rio de Janiero. Somewhat noisy soundboard recording. A-/B+
"Studio 105" 2 CD-R May 7, 2001 from Maison de la Radio, Paris, France. A radio show to promote the release of Reveal. Includes six tracks from Reveal, plus "The Great Beyond" and a nice assortment of older tracks. A French DJ talks between most songs – I think he is translating Stipe’s chatter. Excellent. A
"Kolner Dom" 2 CD-R May 12, 2001 from Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz, Cologne, Germany. MTV broadcast some of this show. This is the full show courtesy of Norwegian radio. Nice soundboard. A
"MTV Unplugged" CD-R May 21, 2001 from New York. Excellent quality. A
"Morning Becomes Eclectic and Y100 Sessions" CD-R Five tracks from KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic from June 8, 2001 and six tracks from Philadelphia’s Y100 Sonic Sessions from May 18, 2001. Excellent quality radio broadcasts with interview clips. A
"Bridge School Benefit" 2 CD-R October 20, 2001 and October 21, 2001. Good audience recordings. A-B+
"Perfect Square Live" 2 CD-R July 19, 2003 from Wiesbaden, Germany. This is audio taken directly from REM's official live DVD. A/A+
"Avalon Theatre" 2 CD-R October 29, 2003 from Los Angeles. Radio broadcast. A
"Number 8, Demos and Outtakes" CD-R Good collection of demos from Document and Out of Time era. Some interesting stuff. B
"Life's Rich Pageant and More" CD Demos and random live tracks. B+
"Fan Club Records" CD-R A collection of REM’s Christmas fan club records. Lots of unusual stuff. All tracks originally from vinyl. A
"Athens, GA" 8 CD-R Outstanding collection of non-album tracks. From the "Radio Free Europe" single to "Reveal." A/A+
"Not Field Recordings" CD-R Michael Stipe collaborations with other artists. A

Rilo Kiley
"KCRW" CD-R August 17, 2004 radio interview and live in the studio. A

The Rolling Stones
"Itchy Fingers" CD-R Several "Let it Bleed" demos, followed by multiple demos of Wild Horses, Brown Sugar, All Down the Line, and Cocksucker Blues." A-
"R.S.V.P." CD-R Beggar’s Banquet outtakes. Good stuff. A-
"A Beggar's Opera" CD-R Beggars Banquet demos. B+

Secret Machines
"9:30 Club" CD-R August 11, 2005 from Washington, D.C. Nice soundboard. A

Michelle Shocked
"Good News" CD-R Album sold only at her shows. A
"Artists Make Lousy Slaves" CD-R Collaboration with Fiachna O'Braonain sold only at her shows. A
"Kind Hearted Woman" CD This is the original solo electric version of the album, before she re-recorded with a full band. In my opinion, this version is quite a bit better. Sold only at shows. A+
"Boston 1989" CD-R March 31, 1995. Soundboard. A
"The Metro 1995" CD-R Radio broadcast from April 18, 1995 from Sydney, Australia. A/A-
"East Coast Blues and Roots Festival" CD-R Radio broadcast from April 11, 1998 from Byron Bay, Australia. A/A-

Shudder to Think
"Demos 1986/1987" CD-R A self-titled demo tape from 1986, and a 1987 demo tape called "Get Off of My Fucking Blue Suede Shoes." A-
"Melkweg" CD-R May 1990 from Amsterdam. Soundboard recording. Features an early version of "Lies About the Sky" with different lyrics. A-
"Sanctuary Church" CD-R November 11, 1991. 45 minutes. Decent soundboard. Recorded as one long track. B
"Sorceror Sound" CD-R January 10/11, 1994 from New York. Six two-track demos, plus two acoustic b-sides. A+
"50,000 BC Bonus EP" CD-R Seven acoustic tracks or demos from Shudder to Think's worst album. A

Sigur Ros
"Gaukur a Stong" CD-R 1999 from Reykjavik, pre-release of Agaetis Byrjun. Audience recording of this rare early show, includes one track not found on other recordings. Some distortion, but not a bad recording and quite an interesting show. B
"Icelandic Opera House" CD-R June 12, 1999 from Reykjavik. There are small edits between tracks to eliminate some of the clapping. Great sound. Radio broadcast. A
"Laugardalshollin" CD-R August 28, 1999 from Reykjavik. Radio broadcast. A
"Astoria" CD-R January 25, 2000 from London. Webcast. A-
"Rytmaposten" CD-R January 27, 2000 from Odense, Denmark. Radio broadcast. A
"All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival" CD-R April 7, 2000 from Bowlie, London. Webcast. A-
"Queen Elizabeth Hall" CD-R June 24, 2000 from London. Webcast. B+
"London" CD-R June 29, 2000. Very good audience recording of this amazing band. A-
"Roskilde Festival" CD-R July 2, 2000 from Roskilde, Denmark. Soundboard. A
"Brighton" CD-R August 19, 2000 from the UK. Audience. A-/B+
"Iceland Airwaves Festival" 2 CD-R October 20, 2000 from the Frikirkjan Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. Good audience recording with a little distortion. B/B+
"Gaukur a Stong" 2 CD-R October 25, 2000 from Reykjavik, Iceland. Excellent audience recording. Sigur Ros audience recordings sound great because nobody even thinks of speaking during the songs! A
"Gebaude 9" CD-R November 7, 2000 from Cologne, Germany. From a TV broadcast. Some static at times. A/A-
"Festival des Inrockuptibles" CD-R November 11, 2000 from La Cigale, Paris, France. DAT audience. A-
"Schlachthof" CD-R November 17, 2000 from Hamburg, Germany. Radio broadcast. A
"Le Bataclan" 2 CD-R April 2, 2001 from Paris. Very nice audience recording. A-
"Victoire" 2 CD-R April 5, 2001 from Victoire, Montpellier, France. Audience. The vocals are a bit loud and tend to distort on some tracks, but the music sounds very clear. B/B+
"Teatro Ciak 2 CD-R April 12, 2001 from Milan, Italy. Excellent Minidisc audience. A
"Szene" 2 CD-R April 13, 2001 from Vienna, Austria. Nice radio broadcast. A
"Kampnagel" 2 CD-R April 17, 2001 from Hamburg, Germany. One track has a small skip. Audience. Somebody made a nice recording. A
"Frankfurt" 2 CD-R April 18, 2001 from Germany. Nice audience recording, but the show is not indexed – the CDs play as one long track. A/A-
"St. George Church" 2 CD-R April 21, 2001 from Brighton, England. Audience. A-
"Shepherds Bush Empire" CD-R April 24, 2001 from London. BBC broadcast. A
"Coachella Festival" CD-R April 28, 2001 from Indio, California. Audience. B/B-
"Los Angeles" 2 CD-R May 1, 2001 from the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California. Audience. A-
"Morning Becomes Eclectic" CD-R May 2, 2001 from KCRW. Two nice sounding live in the studio tracks and some interview segments. About 30 minutes. A
"San Francisco" 2 CD-R May 2, 2001 from the Fillmore, San Francisco, California. Nice clear audience recording. First song has a few audio saturation problems. A
"New York City" 2 CD-R May 8, 2001. I made the trip up from D.C. to see this show. This is a nice audience recording, with the tour EP included on the second CD. There is a little distortion on the vocals early on. A-
"Reykjavik Mini-Festival" CD-R June 3, 2001 from Laugardalshollin, Reykjavik. Excellent quality radio broadcast, including two tracks with Steindor Andersen. A
"HBO’s Reverb" CD-R Television broadcast of three tracks plus two short interview segments recorded September 22, 2001 from the Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Occasional broadcast noise, but mostly excellent. A
"Philadelphia 2001" CD-R September 22, 2001. Audience recording of the full show from the Reverb broadcast. A-/B+
"St. Andrew-Wesley Church" 2 CD-R October 1, 2001 from Vancouver. This show was webcast, and it sounds excellent. One or two tiny drop-outs, but nothing major. A
"Kingcat" 2 CD-R October 2, 2001 from Seattle, WA. Very nice audience. A
"San Francisco" 2 CD-R October 4, 2001. Audience. A-
"Spark 7 Hall" 2 CD-R October 16, 2002 from Vienna, Austria. Radio broadcast, recorded as two long tracks. Unfortunately, there is some radio noise. Otherwise, this would be a fantastic show. A-
"Cologne 2002" 2 CD-R October 24, 2002. Radio broadcast. Slight fade between tracks, otherwise a pretty good recording. A/A-
"Roskilde 2006" CD-R June 29, 2006 broadcast. A
"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R I assembled this collection from all CD sources. Includes Sigur Ros b-sides and compilation tracks, and a handful of tracks by other bands featuring Jonsi on guitar. A+

Paul Simon
"Spain 1987" 2 CD-R Soundboard recording of a "Graceland" concert from Milano. A
"Hollywood Bowl" 2 CD-R August 27, 1991 soundboard recording. Nice. A
"Osaka" CD-R October 10, 1991 from Japan. DJ talks between some tracks. A
"MTV Unplugged" CD-R March 4, 1992 from Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York. Broadcast. A
"VH1 Storytellers" CD-R Television broadcast of Paul talking and playing. A
"Paris 2000" 2 CD-R October 30, 2000. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"Beacon Theater" 2 CD-R December 8, 2000 from New York. Soundboard. A

Simon and Garfunkel
"Hollywood Bowl" CD-R August 23, 1968. Excellent soundboard. A

Six by Seven
"Amsterdam/Paris" CD-R Two concerts - one from Amsterdam, February 14, 1998 and the other from Paris from 2002. This CD-R is for sale at www.sixbyseven.co.uk. A
"Botanique" CD-R September 19, 1998 from Brussels. Sounds like soundboard, performed in front of a very small crowd. A
"USA/Oslo/Newcastle" CD-R October 16, 1998 from Olso and October 27, 1998 from Newcastle University. Also includes a couple of short clips from KROQ and KCRW in California. This CD-R is for sale at www.sixbyseven.co.uk. A
"BBC Sessions" CD-R 1999-2001 radio sessions. A/A-
"Eden Project" CD-R August 11, 2001 soundboard concert. Also includes a November 11, 2004 Peel Session. This CD-R is for sale at www.sixbyseven.co.uk. A
"Hop and Grape" CD-R April 15, 2002 from Manchester. This recording captures them at their best - loud and raw. This soundboard CD-R is for sale at www.sixbyseven.co.uk. A+
"Nottingham Boat Club" CD-R October 31, 2002. Soundboard. This CD-R is for sale at www.sixbyseven.co.uk. A
"BBC - Gideon Coe Show" CD-R June 2004 radio show with two acoustic tracks ("Ready For You Now" and "IOU Love") and some interview tracks. About 13 minutes. A
"B-Sides Collection" 3 CD-R All CD sourced (and one vinyl-only track) from my own collection of singles. A+

Sixteen Horsepower
"Radio Sessions/Rare Tracks 1996-1998" CD-R A few broadcast live tracks from Germany, 1996, plus some songs from singles and a Mountain Stage performance. A
"Fox Theatre, Colorado" CD-R March 22, 1996 soundboard recording. A/A-
"European Radio Concerts 1997" CD-R Nine songs from a Belgium broadcast from 1997, plus a handful more from other radio broadcasts. A
"Studion, Stockholm" CD-R November 17, 1997 broadcast from Sweden. A
"Rytmeposten" CD-R June 9, 1998 from Odense, Denmark. Audience. A-
"Great American Music Hall" CD-R July 29, 1998 from San Francisco. Audience. A-
"Malmoe, Sweden" CD-R May 17, 2000. Excellent radio broadcast. A+
"Beverungen" CD-R June 10, 2000 from Germany. Soundboard. A
"Pink Pop Festival" CD-R 6-10-00 from Landgraff, Netherlands. Webcast. A little muffled, but still nice sound. A/A-
"Dutch Radio Sessions" CD-R January 26, 2000 from Studio Amstel (acoustic), March 14, 2000 from Paradiso, Amsterdam, and March 10, 2000 from Vredenberg, Utrecht. Fantastic stuff. A
"Festival Les Vieilles Charrues" July 22, 2000 from France. Soundboard. A
"Ogden Theatre" 2 CD-R August 20, 2002 from Denver. Audience.
"Lowlands Festival" CD-R August 25, 2002 from the Netherlands. Soundboard. A
"Gota Kallare" CD-R September 2, 2002 from Stockholm. Soundboard. A
"Cirque Royal" CD-R September 19, 2002 TV broadcast from Brussels. Slightly muffled sound, but still a very nice show. A
"Studio Sessions" CD-R Early and rare tracks. A
"On the Air" 5 CD-R Great collection of mostly European radio sessions. A
"B-Sides Collection" CD-R Includes tracks from the Ditch Digger EP, Coal Black Horses EP, Black Soul Choir EP, Splinters EP, Clogger EP, and a collaboration with Kelly Willis. A+
"Woven Hand - Crossing Border Festival" CD-R Audience recording from October 28, 2001 from Belgium of David Eugene Edwards solo project. Audience. A-/B+
"Woven Hand - KulturBolaget" CD-R May 2, 2002 from Malmo, Sweden. Soundboard. A
"Woven Hand - AB" CD-R February 9, 2003 from Brussels. Recorded for radio, but not broadcast. A/A+

The Sleepy Jackson
"KCRW" CD-R May 3, 2004 live in the studio. A
"EP Collection" CD-R I assembled this from six CD EPs - "The Sleepy Jackson," "Let Your Love Be Love," "Vampire Racecourse" and "Good Dancers." 19 tracks. I've eliminated the duplication of tracks between the EPs, but left 2 or 3 songs that ended up on the "Lovers" album. A+

Sly and the Family Stone
"Fillmore East" 2 CD-R Early and late shows from the October 5, 1968 from New York. Excellent soundboard. Includes two amazing 10+ minute versions of "Dance to the Music." A
"Texas International Pop Festival" CD-R September 1, 1969. Nice soundboard. A/A-

Smashing Pumpkins
I really hate the post-Gish Smashing Pumpkins. That first album was so good - but after that it is a rapid spiral down.
"Nothing Ever Changes" CD-R The first demos, from 1988. They sound like a cheesy goth band. 17 minutes. A-
"WZRD" CD-R March 16, 1989 radio sessions from Chicago. More goth. A-
"Reel Time Studios" 2 CD-R Sessions from 1989. CD 1 is electric, CD 2 is acoustic. Great sound. A
"London Hotel Room" CD-R 27 minutes from 1991 of Billy in a hotel room. Five acoustic tracks. A
"Paard" 2 CD-R January 19, 1992 from Den Haag, Netherlands. CD 2 is 20 minutes. Soundboard. A-
"Three Feet High" CD-R KTS recording of August 1993 show from Chicago. Soundboard. A
"May We Have A Record Contract, Please?" 2 CD-R CD 1 is early demos from 1989. CD 2 is singles and compilation tracks. A
"Previeu I" CD-R Two demo tapes from 1989, plus a few singles tracks. A

Sonic Youth
"Bull in the Heather" CD-R Broadcast tracks from July 14, 1993, July 20, 1992 (Mark Goodier session), October 19, 1988 (Peel session with Fall covers), and July 1993. Excellent. A
"Venlo, Holland" CD December 27, 1983. Fan club CD, soundboard. Original CD. A
"Continental Club" CD April 12, 1986. Fan club CD, soundboard. Original CD. A
"Goo Demos" CD Fan club CD. A
"Live" 10" LP 5 live tracks. ?
"Hold That Tiger" LP Goofin' Records, Live 1987. Has since be re-released on CD
"July 3, 1993" CD-R Soundboard. B+
"Sudoeste Festival 1998" 2CD-R Radio broadcast CD, August 8, 1998. A-
"B-Sides" 3 CD-R A bunch of b-sides. The third CD is 25 minutes long. A/A+

Sons and Daughters
"Lee's Palace" CD-R November 5, 2004 from Toronto. A fine Glasgow band. Soundboard. A
"Singles and EPs" CD-R Sixteen non-album tracks from "Johnny Cash," "Love the Cup," "Taste the Last Girl," and "Dance Me In" EPs and singles. One track from vinyl, the rest from CD. A+

Son Volt/Jay Farrar
"Live at the Blind Pig" 2CD-R October 21, 1995. Soundboard. A
"Austin City Limits Masters" CD-R November 11, 1996. KLRU studios in Texas. Not the TV broadcast, but the recording from which the TV tracks are selected. 19 excellent soundboard tracks. A
"Austin City Limits DVD" CD-R November 11, 1996. 16 tracks taken directly from the official DVD. A+
"Cabaret Metro" 2 CD-R June 22, 1996 from Chicago. Excellent audience. A
"Irving Plaza" 2 CD-R April 24, 1997 from New York. Excellent soundboard, with a few tracks from a radio show tacked on. A
"Hullsfred Festival, Sweden" CD-R June 1997. Soundboard radio broadcast. 13 tracks. A+
"Live in Nashville" CD-R September 27, 1998. A
"Bowery Ballroom" CD-R October 1, 1998 from New York. Soundboard. A
"Live in Sweden" 2 CD-R November 25, 1998. Very good audience. A-
"Mississippi Nights" 2 CD-R November 19, 1999 (apparently their last show). Audience recording. B+/A-
"Morning Becomes Eclectic" CD-R Songs and some interview segments recorded live and acoustic on the radio. Excellent. A/A+
"Other Points in Between" CD-R Great collection of compilation tracks, demos and other stuff. A
"Radio Sessions" CD-R Tracks from 99X in Atlanta, NPR from 1997, and World Cafe from 1997. A
"Jay Farrar – Bristol the Bungalow" CD-R Very good soundboard solo show from August 21, 2000. A
"Okemah Bonus Tracks" CD-R Tracks from the Afterglow 61 EP, the bonus live DVD that came with the Best Buy version of the CD, and from the DVD side of the Dual Disc album. A+
"Jay Farrar – Hopetown House" CD-R Solo show from Edinburgh from August 26, 2000. Good audience. B+
"Jay Farrar – Birchmere" 2 CD-R October 23, 2001. I had tickets for this show, but I also had tickets for Spiritualized the same night. I had to choose . . . and Jay lost. Good audience recording. A-/B+
"Jay Farrar - Italy" CD-R I'm not sure of the date - it is sometime in October 2002, as far as I can tell. Soundboard. A little muffled at times, but still nice. A-
"Jay Farrar - Covers" CD-R 19 tracks from various (unidentified locations). Many of these are soundboard recordings, and they cover Jay's various bands. A/B
"Jay Farrar - Live in Seattle" CD-R A concert from July 24, 2003, for sale on Jay's website www.jayfarrar.net. And yes, I paid for it. A+
"Jay Farrar – Sebastapol Sessions" CD-R Demos from Jay’s solo project. Excellent songs, great sound. A

Soundtrack of Our Lives
"Quart Festival" CD-R July 9, 1999 from Kristiansand, Norway. Soundboard. A

"Magasinet" CD-R February 5, 1993 from Gothenberg, Sweden. Radio broadcast. A-
"Worthington Pier Pavilion" CD-R July 11, 1994 UK audience recording. A-/B+
"Radio Sessions Volume One" CD 11 tracks - radio performances recorded between 92 and 95 for London's Radio One. Original CD. A
"Electric Lounge" 2 CD-R October 20, 1995 from Austin, Texas. Audience. A-
"Glasgow, Radio One" CD-R 5-6-97. Radio broadcast with interview. A
"Dallas 1997" CD-R 9-1-97. Excellent soundboard. Tiny clicks between tracks. A
"Finsbury Park" CD-R August 2, 1997. Radio broadcast. A
"First Avenue" 2 CD-R August 7, 1997 from Minneapolis. I think this is an audience show, but it sounds very clear. A/A-
"Berbati’s Pan" 2 CD-R August 31, 1997 from Portland, Oregon. Good audience. A-
"The Garage" CD-R September 5, 1997 from London. XFM radio broadcast. A
"Black Session" CD-R September 9, 1997 from Paris, France. Radio broadcast. Recorded as one track. A
"Sound City" CD-R October 29, 1997 radio broadcast from Oxford, plus three tracks from Later with Jools Holland from April 4, 1998. The Later songs include the London Community Gospel Choir. A
"Deep Ellum Live" CD-R December 12, 1997 from Dallas, Texas. I think this is soundboard. Recorded as all one track. A
"Tripping in Sweden" CD-R Lollipop Festival, 1997. Excellent soundboard. A
"Los Angeles 1998" CD-R April 1, 1998 from Los Angeles. I don't know anything else about this one.
"Glastonbury 1998" CD-R 8 soundboard tracks. June 28, 1998. A-
"Royal Festival Hall" CD-R July 1, 1998 from London. Soundboard. Features "Ladies and Gentlemen..." and "Lord Can You Hear Me?" - both a bit rare for this tour. A
"Flux" CD-R August 14, 1998 from Edinburgh. An unusual collaboration with Steven Martland. There is a fair amount of choir/opera type singing. A-
"Glasgow Barrowland 2001" 2 CD-R September 30, 2001 from Glasgow. Audience recording. It would be excellent if the audience would shut up, but people are yapping through the whole show. Sounds pretty good, considering. A-
"Portsmouth Pyramid" CD-R October 7, 2001 from Portsmouth, UK. Broadcast on Radio One October 15, 2001. Excellent. A
"Fox Theater" 2 CD-R November 3, 2001 from Boulder, Colorado. Audience. A nice recording of the full band (horn section included). A-
"BBC Evening Session 2001" CD-R Four tracks. A-
"Stockholm" CD-R February 24, 2002 from Berns Salonger, Stockholm. Radio broadcast. A
"Brixton 2002" CD-R March 8, 2002. Some radio noise, otherwise a nice show. I'm not really sure it is actually from Brixton, however. The tracklist doesn't match the other Brixton set I've got. A-
"Brixton webcast" 2 CD-R March 8, 2002 from London. XFM webcast. Excellent sound. Due to flaws in the webcast, several of the tracks on CD 2 fade between songs. Nothing impacts the music. A
"KCRW" CD-R April 8, 2002 radio broadcast of interview and live in the studio tracks. Includes "Stop Your Crying," "Hold On," "So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears," and 18 minutes of "Electric Mainline." A
"Primavera Sound Festival" CD-R May 18, 2002 from Barcelona, Spain. A DJ babbles between some tracks. A/A-
"Hultsfred Festival" CD-R June 14, 2002 from Sweden. Soundboard or broadcast. A little distortion on some of the louder vocal sections, but nothing too bad. A
"Glastonbury 2002" CD-R June 28, 2002 radio broadcast. Tiny jumps between tracks. A
"Eden Sessions" 2 CD-R July 6, 2002 from Cornwall, England. Audience. A-
"KDHX" CD-R May 3, 2003 from St. Louis. A couple of these tracks were released on a CD single. This is an interesting recording because it has the full broadcast (four tracks), plus about another 30 minutes or so of rehearsal for the broadcast. A
"Toad's Place" 2 CD-R October 10, 2003 from Connecticut. Audience. Filler on CD 2 is the KEXP radio session from November 8, 2003. A-
"KEXP" CD-R November 8, 2003 radio session from Seattle. Four songs and some interview segments. Excellent version of "Lord Let it Rain On Me". A
"Toronto Opera House" 2 CD-R October 20, 2003 from Toronto. An excellent soundboard concert from the "Amazing Grace" tour. A/A+
"York Fibbers" 2 CD-R March 3, 2004 UK audience recording. B+
"Hoping for Palestine Concert" CD-R October 16, 2004 from Brixton Academy. Seven tracks taken from the official DVD release. A+
"B-Sides Collection" 6 CD-R Spiritualized singles, b-sides and compilation tracks. I made this collection from all original CD sources (and a few vinyl only tracks) – no mp3s. Currently it is about 20-25 minutes longer than 5 CD-Rs. A+

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