Dave's List of Music - Page 2

Godspeed You Black Emperor!
"Peel/VPRO Sessions" CD-R 20 minutes of Peel sessions from January 19, 1999, and 40 minutes of VPRO sessions from February 5, 1999. A
"Casbah" CD-R September 25, 1999 from Seattle, Washington. I'm told some of this is a mix of audience and soundboard, and some is soundboard. Either way, it sounds fine. A
"Live Collection" 2 CD-R Various sources 1998-1999.
"Paradiso" 2 CD-R April 19, 2002 from Amsterdam. Soundboard. A

"Glastonbury 1998" CD-R 12 nice soundboard tracks. A
"Chicago 1999" CD-R April 20, 1999 from Chicago. This show was recorded for WXRT, but this is a nice quality audience recording. A-
"Los Angeles 1999" 2 CD-R October 1, 1999 from the John Anson Ford Theatre. Excellent soundboard. A
"Fillmore 1999" 2 CD-R October 2, 1999 from San Francisco. Excellent quality soundboard (probably broadcast) recording. A/A+
"Amsterdam 1999" 2 CD-R Melkweg, Netherlands. November 10, 1999. Either excellent audience or good soundboard. I really can’t tell. A nice sounding recording. A
"Melkweg 1999" CD-R Six tracks from the above show were broadcast. A
"Sound City ‘99" CD-R Liverpool Royal Court Theatre, 1999. 8 songs from a radio broadcast, plus 2 from Later with Jools Holland. A
"The Fillmore First Night" 2 CD-R February 18, 2000 from the Fillmore in San Francisco. Excellent soundboard recording. CD 2 includes many soundboard tracks recorded from the soundcheck. A
"The Fillmore Second Night" 2 CD-R February 19, 2000 from the Fillmore in San Francisco. Excellent soundboard recording. There are a few sound drop-outs on CD 1; otherwise this is great. CD 2 includes a 7 track acoustic show from February 2000 from the U.S. A
"Evening Session" CD-R March 18, 2002 from Maida Vale studios, England. Nice broadcast concert. A
"Pinkpop" CD-R May 20, 2002 from the Netherlands. Seven tracks broadcast from the festival, plus two acoustic tracks and an interview from earlier in the day. A
"Pinkpop - Full Show" CD-R May 20, 2000 from the Netherlands. The complete show from the festival. An audience recording, recorded as one long track. Mostly excellent quality. A/A-
"KCRW" CD-R October 14, 2002 radio show. Live in the studio tracks and interviews. A
"Scouser’s Blues" CD-R A collection of b-sides and rarities not included on Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline. A

"Singles and B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R A fantastic band. These guys should have been huge, but I think they were about 10 years ahead of their time. If you are a fan of the White Stripes, check out "Crapping You Negative," which is one of the great albums of the 1990s. I assembled this from my own collection of all vinyl and CD sources. A total of 35 tracks, with 31 coming from vinyl. A/A+

PJ Harvey
"Build Me A Woman" CD. KTS Music. 22 Tracks 78:11 Minutes. Taken from several shows, quality varies from soundboard A to B-.
"Secret Solo Show" CD-R Nine audience tracks from May 1, 1992 from Hampstead, England. Filler includes MTV and other TV shows, plus six soundboard tracks from the Reading Festival from August 28, 1992. A- for the audience, A for the soundboard.
"Undress" CD-R July 1, 1992 from Chicago. Soundboard. A/A-
"Europe 1993" CD-R May 23, 1993 from London. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"Joue Paris Casino" CD-R June 9, 1993 from Paris. Audience. B+
"McCabe’s Guitar Shop" CD-R September 25, 1993 from Santa Monica. Solo show. Audience. A-
"Polly Magoo" CD-R Rockfeller Music Hall, Oslo. May 5, 1995. Very good audience. B+
"My Life" CD-R 11 broadcast tracks from June 24, 1995, Glastonbury Festival, and some filler from 1995 Evening Sessions and another broadcast.
"Live in the Netherlands" CD-R The first 10 tracks are with John Parish from Studio Amstel, October 20, 1996. The next seven tracks are from Leidsekade Live, February 6, 1999. Radio broadcasts. A
"Dancing in Solitude" CD-R November 9, 1996. Soundboard. A
"Strychnine Ballroom" CD-R With John Parish from November 11, 1996. Excellent soundboard. A
"Water Festival" CD-R August 11, 1998 from Stockholm, Sweden. Very nice soundboard. A
"La Route Du Rock" CD-R August 16, 1998 from St. Malo, France. Radio broadcast. A
"Summertent Festival" 2 CD-R August 19, 1998 from Wiesen, Austria. Soundboard. Second CD includes ten tracks of performance and interview from Modern Rock Live, October 1, 1995. A, A-
"Black Sessions" CD-R September 14, 1998 radio broadcast from Paris. Clapping fades out between tracks. A
"Boston 1998" 2 CD-R November 2, 1998 from the Avalon Ballroom, Boston. Radio broadcast. CD2 filler is Dry demos. A
"Just Passing Through/Sessions at West 54th" CD-R November 7, 1998 from WHFS, and January 29, 1999 from West 54th. A-/A
"Improv Club" CD-R April 1, 1999 from the Improv Club, London. Ten tracks, plus eight more from September 23, 1998 Evening Session. A
"WXRT" CD-R October 15, 2000 from the Vic Theater, Chicago. Excellent broadcast. A
"Cardiff" CD-R October 26, 2000 from Wales. Very nice soundboard recording. A
"Boston 2000" CD-R I don’t know the date, but this is a nice soundboard recording. A
"Paris 2001" CD-R Radio broadcast – there has been an attempt to edit out a very annoying DJ, but a few traces remain. A
"Amsterdam 2001" CD-R February 28, 2001. Excellent soundboard recording. A
"Hamburg 2001" CD-R March 2, 2001 from Hamburg. Nice radio broadcast. A
"Olso 2001" CD-R March 4, 2001 from Norway. Highly recommended. A
"Austria 2001" CD-R July 8, 2001 radio broadcast. A
"Stories from Winter" CD-R Peel sessions from 2000, plus KCRW tracks from 1998 and several non-album tracks. A
"BBC Sessions" CD-R November 8, 2000, December 20, 2000, and January 8, 2001 radio broadcasts. A/A-
"KCRW Sessions 1993-2001" CD-R 1993, 1998 and 2001. The 2001 tracks sound the best. A-
"Radio Sessions 2001" CD-R Tracks from KCRW, April 25, 2001 and from WXRT, May 14, 2001. A
"Le Zenith" 2 CD-R June 30, 2004 from Paris. Very nice soundboard. A
"Domaine National de St. Cloud" 2 CD-R August 27, 2004 from Paris. Slightly lower quality soundboard than the "Le Zenith" show, but still very nice. A
"B-Sides Etc." 2 CD-R Two CD collection of b-sides, soundtrack and compilation recordings. A

"Rare Tracks Collection" CD-R Several singles by Helium, plus tracks with the 6ths, The Spells, Led Byrd and compilation tracks. A

Kristin Hersh
"Instant Live - The Paradise" 2 CD January 28, 2005 from Boston. From the Instant Live collection - concerts professionally recorded and for sale after the concert. A wonderful idea. A/A+

Robyn Hitchcock
"Rob, Bob, & Albert" CD-R May 25, 1996. Decent soundboard of all Bob Dylan covers. B
"Ram's Head" 2 CD-R June 13, 1998. Excellent soundboard. CDs were recorded without track indexing. A
"Covers Project" CD-R This is really cool. 11 tracks of acoustic cover songs. I'm told it is "Eye" era, but I really have no idea. A couple of these tracks were released on his rarities collections, but most of them are unreleased. Includes songs by Jimi Hendrix, Fairport Convention, Morrissey, Roxy Music, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Richard and Linda Thompson, and the Incredible String Band. A

Buddy Holly
"What You Been A'Missin'" 4 CD-R Outstanding collection covering Buddy age 13 to tons of demos and other people's tracks he played on. Quality ranges from A - C-, as can be expected.
"Apartment Demos" CD-R Some of these songs are Buddy Holly demos from 1958. Some of these songs were released after his death with full-band back up added, but these are the original recordings. Mixed in are some other songs by other people, including an incredibly nasty racist song by somebody I can’t identify. B

"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R I assembled this from my own collection of CDs and vinyl. Hopewell is a fantastic band featuring members of Mercury Rev and Mercury Rev's touring band. Their album "The Curved Glass" is a classic, and recommended for people that love "Boces"-era Mercury Rev. A+

The Incredible Moses Leroy
"KCRW 2001" CD-R Morning Becomes Eclectic show from May 10, 2001. A

"KCRW/Peel" CD-RKCRW sessions from July 29, 2002 and Peel sessions from April 24, 2001. A
"Black Session" CD-R August 27, 2002 from France. Radio broadcast - DJ introduces some tracks. A
"L'Antipode" CD-R November 7, 2002 from Remes, France. Soundboard. A
"WBCN" CD-R March 6, 2003 concert from the Avalon Ballroom, broadcast in Boston. A-

Chris Isaak
"Shakin'" CD-R Chicago 1991. Soundboard. A
"Twilight Songs" CD Live in Europe, 1993. Soundboard. A
"Bimbos 365 Club" CD-R Live in San Francisco 1995. Excellent radio broadcast. A
"Heartbroken" CD-R November 16, 1995, Orlando, Florida. Excellent audience recording. A-
"House of Blues" 2 CD-R Radio broadcast, recorded with one-second gaps between tracks. Also, there is an annoying DJ who won’t shut up between songs. Other than that, it’s a nice show. A-
"Sessions at West 54th" CD-R Either 1999 or 2000 half-hour appearance on TV. Excellent. A

Janes Addiction
"Nothing's Shocking Demos" LP 5 tracks.
"Live" LP 8 or more tracks recorded live. Almost no info on this record, but quite interesting. Nothing's Shocking and earlier stuff.
"Live and Insane" CD-R L.A. Palladium from 1990. Soundboard. A
"Lollapalooza" CD-R August 16, 1991 from Fairfax, Virginia. Soundboard. A

"Six Pack Songs" CD 17 tracks, live at Slims in San Francisco, May 1995. 76 minutes. Soundboard radio broadcast. A-
"Malmo, Sweden" 2 CD-R May 31, 1995. Excellent audience recording. A
"Idiot's Delight" 2 CD-R March 27, 2000. Radio program with interviews and live in the studio tracks. A/A-
"Live from the Showbox" 2 CD-R January 16, 2001 from Seattle. Very nice soundboard. A
"B-Sides and Live Tracks" CD-R Various recordings, including live tracks, non-album tracks and acoustic versions. A

Jesus and Mary Chain
"Suck on This" CD-R December 22, 1985 from the Roxy, Los Angeles. Soundboard. A
"In Concert" CD-R Recorded on November 12, 1994 at the Metro in Chicago. Broadcast by Westwood One on March 27, 1995. A
"U4 Club" CD-R October 4, 1987 from Vienna. Soundboard. A

Damien Jurado
"January 30, 1998" Based on the date, this is likely from Club 316, New Westminster, British Columbia. A nice soundboard recording. A
"Three EPs" CD-R The Kinks
"Neue Venue – The Great Lost Kinks Album" CD-R Great collection of alternate versions, outtakes, and assorted other rarities from the 1960s. A
"You Really Got Me" CD-R A collection of 20 BBC tracks, complete with BBC narration about the history of the band. A

"VPRO Club Lek" CD-R June 19, 2002 live in the studio and interview. About 25 minutes, with five tracks. A
"Toronto" CD-R March 14, 2004 soundboard recording. A wild and chaotic performance. A
"B-Sides Collection" CD-R A collection I made of tracks from five CD singles. All original sources. A+

Long Fin Killie
"B-Sides Collection" CD-R 13 tracks from my own collection. From two 7" singles and four CD EPs (includes three tracks from Bows, Luke Sutherland's post-Long Fin Killie band). A+

Los Lobos
"Rialto Theatre" 2 CD-R March 27, 1998 from Tucson, Arizona. Soundboard. A
"Higher Ground" 2 CD-R August 11, 1999 from Winooski, Vermont. Three tracks feature Trey Anastasio of Phish. Soundboard. A
"Bowery Ballroom" 2 CD-R August 18, 1999 from New York. Soundboard. A
"Fillmore" 2 CD-R February 26, 2000 from San Francisco. Soundboard. A

Love and Rockets
"Teenage Heaven" LP Recorded in Newcastle on February 10, 1986. 9 tracks.
"B-Sides Collection" 4 CD-R Lots of b-sides. Quality varies a little more than it should, but there are still lots of neat stuff on here. A-
"UCLA 1988" Cassette 8 soundboard tracks. A-

Lyle Lovett
"Anderson Fair" 2 CD-R 1986 soundboard recording. Tiny clicks between tracks. A
"Live at Gilley’s" CD-R June 15, 1987 from Pasadena, Texas. Radio broadcast with a little broadcast noise. A/A-
"The Lights of L.A. County" CDLive at the Roxy, Los Angeles 1988. 10 tracks, sounds like soundboard. Original CD. B
"Park West, Chicago" CD-R March 19, 1988. Soundboard. A-
"Boulder’s Coast" CD-R March 22, 1988 from Boulder, Colorado. Nice radio broadcast. A/A-
"Winnipeg Folk Festival" CD-R July 10, 1988. Sounds like soundboard. A-
"Ohne Filter" CD-R November 28, 1992 from German television. A
"Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis" 2 CD-R January 27, 1992. Stripped down band. Excellent soundboard. This is a nice one. A+
"Hammersmith Odeon" CD-R 1992 from London. Nice soundboard. A
"Texas Wants You" 2 CD-R Nice soundboard. July 6, 1993 from the Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas. A/A-
"Going Home" CD-R Music from a concert broadcast on PBS. From San Antonio, Texas, 1996. A
"VH1 Storytellers" CD-R Lyle tells stories and plays songs from December 1996. Includes "Family Reserve," which is not one he plays live very often. A
"Austin City Limits 1997" CD-RAlso includes a few other tracks. Excellent soundboard. A
"World Cafe 1998" CD-R Broadcast featuring "Step Inside This House" tracks. Radio broadcast with a little broadcast noise/static. A-
"Sessions at West 54th" CD-R Nice television broadcast. Mostly "Step Inside This House" tracks with a few interview clips. A
"Saratoga Mountain Winery" CD-R August 14, 1999. Soundboard recording. A
Birchmere 2001" 2 CD-R November 20, 2001. In November 2001 Lyle went on a two-week acoustic tour – bass, guitar, cello and drums. This is an audience recording of one of the shows (the one I was at). There is a little distortion at times, but it is a pretty nice sounding recording. A-
"Austin City Limits 2000" CD-R Broadcast featuring "Step Inside This House" tracks by Lyle and several of the original performers. Some broadcast noise. A/A-
"Temporal Gratifications" 3 CD-R Three CDs of compilation tracks and other rarities. A

"Hultsfred Festival" CD-R Radio broadcast from Sweden, June 12, 1998. One-second gaps between songs. A-
"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R From my own collection of CD singles and vinyl tracks. Two full CDs of b-sides, compilation tracks, etc. A+

Shelby Lynne
"Morning Becomes Eclectic" CD-R Live in the studio and interview on KCRW, April 27, 2000. A

Aimee Mann
"Rockin’ on KFOG" CD-R February 19, 1996 radio broadcast. Filler is an EP from 1982 band called the Young Snakes that Aimee sang on. A
"World Cafe" CD-R With Michael Penn from March 24, 2000. Broadcast with occasional between song DJ chatter. Michael’s last song is cut off. A
"Angle’s Nightclub" CD-R April 9, 2000 from Hamburg, Germany. Excellent radio broadcast. A
"Hultsfreds" CD-R June 15, 2001 from Sweden. Nice soundboard. A
"Return of the Killer B-Sides" 2 CD-R Two CDs of b-sides. A
"Killer Bees" 2 CD-R One of these CDs is identical to one of the CDs above, but the second CD has a lot of different stuff. Still a fair amount of overlap. A

"In Search of Forever" CD-R August 29, 1982 from Reading, plus a few bonus tracks. Soundboard. A-
"The Mayfair" CD-R September 13, 1982 from Glasgow, Scotland. Soundboard. A
"Assassination at Garden Party" CD-R April 18, 1983 from the Hammersmith Odeon. Audience recording, and the applause fade out between tracks. B+
"Forgotten Sons" CD-R July 3, 1983 from Den Haag, Holland. Soundboard, but a little quiet. A/A-
"Park West" 2 CD-R July 22, 1983 from Chicago. Very clear audience recording. A
"German Script" 2 CD-R October 1, 1983 from Rundsporthalle, Baunatal, Germany. Excellent broadcast. A
"Live at the Apollo" CD-R February 17, 1984 from Glasgow, Scotland. Radio broadcast. A/A-
"Chippenham" CD-R March 12, 1984. Nice soundboard recording. Transfer from vinyl (occasional crackle). A-
"Pink Pop" CD-R June 11, 1984 from Holland. Nice soundboard recording. A
"Childhood Rehearsals" CD-R December 13-15, 1984 from the Hammersmith Odeon. Several songs, and then an early version of side one of "Misplaced Childhood." The lyrics are often quite different. Great stuff. Soundboard. A
"Tell Me a Story" 2 CD-R June 21, 1986 from Manheim, Germany. Soundboard. A
"Live in Loreley" CD July 18, 1987 from St. Goar, Freilichtbuhne, Loreley, Germany. While not a bootleg, this CD was only available as part of a VHS two-pack, and is long out of print. The recording is from the last tour with Fish. Excellent soundboard. A+
"Cabaret" 2 CD-R September 21, 1987 from the Cabaret, San Jose, California. Radio broadcast. A/A-
"My First Temptation/The Last Fish" 2 CD-R September 25, 1987 from Billy’s Old Mill, Milwaukee. Two-part radio broadcast. A-
"London 1987" CD-R November 4, 1987. Radio broadcast. A
"Edinburgh Playhouse" 2 CD-R December 19, 1987 from Scotland. Great sounding radio broadcast. There are a few bad edits, including one in the middle of Fugazi – the result of a transfer from analog back in the day. Still highly recommended for the sound quality. A
"Radrennbahn" 2 CD-R June 18, 1988 from Berlin, East Germany. Soundboard. A/A-
"Fife Aid" 2 CD-R July 23, 1988 from Craigtoun Country Park, St. Andrews, Scotland. Audience recording of Fish's last show with Marillion. A-
"Sessions, Demos and Outtakes" CD-R Tracks from 1980-1982. Includes three demos with their original singer. B+

John Mellencamp
"Live Rehearsals" CD-R 1992 KTS CD. Live in Indianapolis, 1992. Excellent soundboard. A
"Workingman’s Rock and Roll" CD-R Nobesville, Indiana, 4.7.1992. Excellent soundboard, but with one-second gaps between the songs. A
"Live Sampler" CD-R 14 live tracks from various sites. A-/B+

Mercury Rev
"Astoria Theatre" Cassette 11.2.93. Not great sounding audience.
"Seattle, November 18, 1995" Cassette Audience recording. Not bad. B
"Stadt Theatre, Germany - December 10, 1995" CD-R Very good soundboard, but with slight edits between tracks. Also includes 4 acoustic sessions from Swedish radio, 1999. A
"Paris 1998" CD-R November 3, 1998. La Divan Du, Monde, Paris. A little rough sounding soundboard. Radio broadcast. B+
"Live at the Astoria" CD-R January 21, 1999. UK soundboard radio broadcast. 8 tracks, 42 minutes. A
"Live Session" CD-R Semi-official (only available on CD-R, this was distributed internally at V2 Records) 4 soundboard tracks, 21 minutes. A
"Denmark 1999" CD-R January 29, 1999. Excellent soundboard radio broadcast. A
"Greece 1999" CD-R February 2, 1999. Rodon Club, Athens, Greece. Soundboard. A-
"2 Meter Session" CD-R February 7, 1999. Six tracks. A
"Munich 1999" CD-R February 10, 1999 from Germany. Broadcast. A/A-
"Austria 1999" CD-R February 12, 1999. Excellent soundboard radio broadcast. A
"Slovenia 1999" CD-R February 13, 1999. Radio broadcast. There are edits between some tracks – perhaps to remove a DJ or commercials. However, this is probably the best sounding recording from the 1999 broadcasts. A
"Paris 1999" CD-R February 24, 1999. Audience. B+
"Australia 1999" CD-R September 30, 1999. Very good soundboard, but with one second gaps between songs. A-
"Olympia Theatre, Dublin" CD-R December 12, 1999. Soundboard radio broadcast - recorded directly off the radio - includes a commercial or two. A-
"Forestglade" CD-R July 6, 2002 from Wiesen, Austria. Radio broadcast. A
"Benicassim Festival" CD-R August 4, 2001 from Barcelona. Radio broadcast. A
"Black Session" CD-R August 28, 2001 from Paris. French DJ talks between some tracks. A
"Le Divan Du Monde" CD-R November 8, 2001 radio broadcast from Paris. Nice recording – a little distortion, and a DJ who talks between some tracks. A/A-
"Crossing Border Festival" CD-R November 14, 2001 from the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Nice soundboard. A
"Peel Sessions" CD-R November 15, 2001. Recorded at a low volume. A
"KCRW 2001" CD-R December 4, 2001. Interview and live in the studio tracks. They play 5 songs from "All is Dream." A
"Paradiso" CD-R April 20, 2002 from the Netherlands. Nine broadcast tracks. A
"KCRW 2005" CD-R January 26, 2005 live in the studio from KCRW. Five "Secret Migration" tracks, plus "Holes" and the Nico cover "Afraid." A
"Berns 2005" CD-R March 17, 2005 from Stockholm. Soundboard. A
"B-Sides Collection" 7 CD-R I assembled this from my own Mercury Rev collection. Singles, compilation tracks, etc. Includes the Harmony Rockets stuff. Aside from a few vinyl-only tracks, everything here came from the original CDs – no mp3s. A+

"KCRW/KEXP" CD-R May 2, 2005 from KCRW (8 tracks + interview) and May 11, 2005 from KEXP (3 tracks + interview). A
"Commodore Ballroom" May 10, 2005 from Vancouver. Soundboard set opening for LCD Soundsystem. A

"KEXP" CD-R June 2, 2002. About 25 minutes of interview and music from Seattle radio. Also on this CD is a session from Richard Buckner from July 27, 2002. A
"Theatre Off Jackson" CD-R The evening of the radio show she played in Seattle. Audience recording, and the applause fades between tracks. B

Modest Mouse
"Crystal Ballroom" 2 CD-R September 5, 2000 from Portland, Oregon. Nice soundboard. A

"Radio Sessions" CD-R Mary-Anne Hobbs sessions - October 27, 1997, Evening sessions - March 29, 1997. A
"BBC Sessions" CD-R October 28, 1997 and March 29, 1997. A
"Newcastle Radio" CD-R October 29, 1998 from Riverside, Newcastle radio. Excellent FM broadcast. A
"Reykjavik" 2 CD-R March 14, 2001 from Iceland. Excellent quality radio broadcast. A
"Peel Sessions" CD-R No info. A
"Rarities Volume 1" CD-R Songs from compilations and singles. A
"Rarities Volume 2" CD-R Songs from compilations and singles. A

The Monkees
"Archives" 4 CD-R Tons of rare tracks, studio demos and assorted odd recordings, including a radio broadcast concert from Japan. A - C
"Headquarters Sessions" 3 CD-R Fantastic collection of studio sessions from the album the Monkees had creative control over. A/A+

"Hypnosonics" 2 CD-R April 1993 radio program from WBRS studios, Brandeis University. Interviews and live in the studio stuff. A
"Cleveland 1994" 2 CD-R March 8, 1994. Very good soundboard. A
"Fox Theatre" 2 CD-R May 15, 1994 from Boulder, Colorado. Nice soundboard. A
"Olso 1997" 2 CD-R May 13, 1997. I think this is an audience recording, although I've seen this one traded as "soundboard." It is an outstanding recording, and I can see how it can be mistaken for soundboard. I still think it is an audience show, however. A
"Lehigh University" CD-R March 25, 1998 from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Very good soundboard show. A
"40 Watt Club" 2 CD-R March 22, 1999 from Athens, Georgia. Audience recording. B+/A-
"Twinemen - Chicago 2003" 2 CD February 2, 2003 from the Elbo Room, Chicago. An official live soundboard recording for sale at www.kufala.com. A+

New Order
"Glastonbury Festival" CD-R June 20, 1981. Soundboard. A-
"Ukranian National Home" CD-R November 19, 1981 from New York. Soundboard from the official DVD. A
"Rose Hill Hotel" CD-R April 24, 1983 from Kilkenny, Ireland. Soundboard, but not perfect sound. After trading for a few shows, I've learned a valuable lesson: even in their early days, when they were a good band, they were better heard on album than live. A-/B+

Check out Digital Nirvana - an excellent Nirvana bootleg rating site. All of these recordings are rated at this site. They are graded like in school - 90-100% is an A, and so on.
"Mr. Kurdt Kobain" CD-R November 18, 1989 from Ku-Ba - Hanau Germany. (95% at Digital Nirvana). Soundboard. A
"Play the Fucking Guitar, Man!" CD-R November 22, 1989 from Austria. 19 soundboard tracks, considered one of the top 5 Nirvana bootlegs (100% at Digital Nirvana). Vienna, 1989. A+
"Love Buzz" CD 18 soundboard tracks from Tacoma, Washington, January 20, 1990. 1-3 are from the sound check. 15-18 are bonus demos. (99% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A
"The Masquerade" CD-R May 6, 1990. The Masquerade Club, Atlanta. Soundboard. 96%). A
"Stiff Drinks" CD Duffy's Bar, May 14, 1990 + 7 Bleach demos. (99% at Digital Nirvana). A+
"Aladin's, Bremen Germany" CD-R August 27, 1991. German radio broadcast? Soundboard. A
"Dressed for Success" CD-R October 12, 1991 + 6 demos. Cabaret Metro, Chicago. Soundboard. (99%). A
"Put the Money Down" CD 18 soundboard tracks, Fox Theatre, Portland, OR. (98%) October 29, 1991.
"Trick or Treat" CD-R October 31, 1991. Paramount Theater, Seattle. Soundboard. (99%) A
"Seventh Heaven" CD KTS Records #041. Live at the Paradiso Club, Holland November 5, 1991 and other 1991 dates. A-
"Sliver" CD-R November 25, 1991 from Paradiso - Amsterdam, Holland and November 3, 1989 Tivoli - Utrecht, Holland. (93%) A
"A Higher State of Mind" CD KTS Records #594. 23 tracks, most from a very fun show in Buenos Aires, October 30, 1992. Plus MTV tracks. (99%) A
"Roseland" CD-R July 23, 1993 from New York. Audience. A-/B+
"Roma" CD1994 KTS 284. February 22, 1994 from Rome. 23 soundboard tracks. Considered one of the top 5 Nirvana bootlegs (99% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A
"The Complete Radio Sessions" CD Blue Moon Records, BMCD 18. 21 radio session tracks. (96%) Original CD. A- to B+
"Outcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt Cobain" CD Blue Moon Records BMCD 14. 23 demos, live tracks and rehearsals. 70 minutes. Original CD. (I now also have the Remastered Edition). (98% at Digital Nirvana) A to C
"Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done" CD Blue Moon Records BMCD 25. More of the same - 21 tracks of demos, tv tracks, etc. 74 minutes. (97% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A to C
"Outcesticide III - The Final Solution" CD 23 tracks. 74 minutes. (95% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A to C
"Outcesticide IV - It's Better to Burn Out . . . " CD 19 tracks. While this is listed as a Blue Moon CD, it is not. (85% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A to C
"Outcesticide V - Gone But Not Forgotten" CD Another one listed as Blue Moon. In fact, this is a duplicate of Blue Moon Records BMCD 46 "Outcesticide IV - Rape of the Vaults". (75% at Digital Nirvana) Original CD. A to C
"Outcesticide V - Disintegration" CD-R The Blue Moon release (BMCD98). Filled with good stuff. (98% at Digital Nirvana) A to B
"Dave Grohl Demos" Cassette "Late! Pocketwathch" on Simple Machines Records. This is an officially released cassette; the only authorized release of these demos from December 1992, some of which became Foo Fighters songs
"Out of the Womb - In Utero Demos" CD-R The "In Utero" album unmixed. Recorded at a low volume. (83%) B
"Unreleased Tracks" CD-R A collection of mostly b-sides. A
"Demo Tapes 1998-1990" CD-R Nice collection on the KTS label. A/A-
"Rarities" 2 CD-R A nice collection of b-sides and unusual live tracks. A/B
"Into the Black" 6 CD-R A great box set collection. CD1 has early demos, rough mixes and other rarities. CD2 has demos from 1988 and 1990. CD3 is live from the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, October 31, 1991. CD4 is from the Reading Festival from 1992. CD 5 is the last American show from January 8, 1994. CD6 is the conclusion of the last American show, plus Peel sessions and Courtney Love’s eulogy. A

Sinead O'Connor
"Live in Israel 1995" Cassette
"Sadlers Wells" CD-R March 13, 1988 from London. Audience. Features the not-classic track "Stick Your Tongue Up My Hole." B/B-
"Utrecht" CD-R March 16, 1988 short soundboard show. Seven tracks plus a few bonus songs. A/A-
"Paradiso" CD-R March 31, 1988 from London. Nine soundboard tracks. A/A-
"Beautiful Vision" CD-R April 24, 1990 from the Hammersmith Odeon, London. Excellent soundboard. A
"Visions" CD 1996 Oxygen CD. 13 soundboard tracks, 1-6 Live in Italy April 8, 1995. 7-13 live in Holland on June 5, 1995. A.
"Mystery Train" CD-R Interview and live tracks broadcast from Dublin, April 23, 2000. Unusual song choices and very sparse instrumentation. Includes "Amazing Grace" and an a cappella version of "I Am Stretched On Your Grave." A
"Vicar Street Dublin" CD-R TV broadcast from October 25 or 26, 2002. A
"Nothing Compares to Sinead O'Connor" CD-R A great sounding collection of b-sides and compilation tracks - nice art, but no tracklist. A
"B-Sides and Compilation Tracks" 5 CD-R Outstanding collection of b-sides, compilation tracks and collaborations. A few live tracks thrown in, but most of this stuff is from official sources. Includes all the tracks from the "Nothing Compares" CD listed above. A
"Rarest Songs" CD-R 28 rare Sinead songs on one CD. 74 minutes, sound varies (tv recordings and alternate versions mostly) from A to B. I think only a track or two overlap with the 5 CD collection.

Old 97's
"Too Far to Care" CD-R Demos and Outtakes.
"A Different Drummer" CD-R San Francisco, May 22, 1997

Roy Orbison
"Live in Australia" CD-R October 3, 1972 from Melbourne. The audio is taken directly from the official DVD. There are a few very small audio flaws in the original broadcast (noted in a disclaimer on the DVD), but the sound is overall excellent. A
"Live in England 1975" CD-R Live from Hornchurch Essex. Apparently recorded in front of 300 fans in honor of Roy’s sons 5th birthday. Soundboard. A

Beth Orton
"SuperPinkyMandy" CD-R Excellent album only released in Japan. A
"Dublin 1999" 2 CD-R August 31, 1999. Very good audience. A-
"Sodre Teatern" CD-R September 19, 1999 from Stockholm, Sweden. Excellent quality soundboard recording. A

Palace/Will Oldham
"Peel Sessions and Duke Coffee House" Cassette 4 Peel tracks from 1993, and a show from Durham, NC, August 9, 1994. Soundboard recording from Duke. B
"Kultmestation" 2 CD-R September 18, 1994 from Munich, Germany. OK radio broadcast. B/B+
"Live NYC 1995" CD-R Tramps, NYC. July 20, 1995. One-second gaps between songs. Audience. B
"Live at Exit/In" Cassette Nashville, TN December 6, 1996.
"Palace Radio Sessions" CD-R Peel sessions from 93, 94, 95 and other stuff. A
"Live at Lunch" CD-R June 29, 2001 from WFPK Louisville Public Radio. Recorded as two long tracks. A/A-
"B-Sides and More" Many singles, b-side, etc. up until 1998. I'm missing much of the more recent stuff. Unfortunately, I still haven’t compiled this collection.

"Stray Slack" CD Pseudo Indie Label, 22 soundboard tracks live from 1992. A-/B-
"Great American Music Hall" CD-R April 23, 1994. Soundboard. A-
"Cooper Commons" CD-R April 21, 1997 from Missoula, Montana. Soundboard. A
"Le Botanique" CD-R May 14, 1999 from Brussels, Belgium. Soundboard. A
"Tacoma, Washington" Cassette 8-20-95.
"BBC 1992-1999" 2 CD-R Good collection of BBC recordings. A/A-

Liz Phair
"Pottymouth Girl" CD-R Warfield Theater, San Francisco. 12.01.93. A-
"Sessions at West 54th" CD-R October 5, 1998 television broadcast. One hour. A
"Girly Sounds" 2 CD-R Sound varies from B to C.
"1996 Shelved Demos" CD-R WhiteChocolate and other stuff. A-/B+
"WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg Demos" CD-R Studio outtakes and home demos. B+
"WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg Sessions" 2 CD-R CD 1 is 1996 studio recordings (B+). CD 2 is the original 1997 running order for the album (A/A-)

Sam Phillips
"KCRW 1994" CD-R Morning Becomes Eclectic show from 1994. About 30 minutes. A
"KCRW 2001" CD-R Morning Becomes Eclectic show from July 31, 2001. A
"KCRW 2004" CD-R Morning Becomes Eclectic show from April 26, 2004. A

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