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Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Dennis Wilson
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"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1 – The Alternate ‘Surfin’ Safari’ Album" CD Demos and sessions from 1962. Excellent. A+ (all Unsurpassed Masters sets are on the Sea of Tunes record label)
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 2 – The Alternate ‘Surfin’ USA’ Album" CD Demos and sessions from 1963. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3 – The Alternate ‘Surfer Girl’ Album" CD Demos and sessions from 1963. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 4 – Miscellaneous Trax Volume 1" 2 CD Demos and sessions from various Brian Wilson productions from 1963 – includes tracks with the Honeys. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5 – Miscellaneous Trax Volume 2" CD Demos and sessions from 1964. Includes the German version of In My Room, Fun Fun Fun, more Honeys and the original Thinkin' 'Bout You, Baby (early version of Darlin’). Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6 – All Summer Long 3 CD Three CDs of great sessions for the All Summer Long album. Includes I Get Around and Little Honda, among others. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 7 – Today Vol. 1" 4 CD Four CDs of demos and sessions from the Today album. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 8 – Today Vol. 2" 4 CD Four more CDs of demos and sessions from the Today album. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9 – Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) 4 CD Four CDs of demos and sessions from the Summer Days album. Includes California Girls and many others. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 10 – The Alternate ‘Beach Boys Party!’ Album" 4 CD Another box set. Includes lots of studio chatter and tons of live in the studio tracks. Very loose and unguarded stuff. The fourth CD is a stereo mix of the album. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 11 – Miscellaneous Trax Volume 3" 2 CD Includes sessions from Three Blind Mice, The Little Girl I Once Knew, and some other stuff. Great sound, but the tracks are just OK. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 12 – Sloop John B Sessions" 2 CD CD 1 is all sessions and demos for Sloop John B. CD 2 is rehearsals for radio spots. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 13 – Pet Sounds Sessions Volume 1" 4 CD Wow. 4 CDs of Pet Sounds sessions. Amazing. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 14 – Pet Sounds Sessions Volume 2" 4 CDYikes. More Pet Sounds sessions. Amazing. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 15 - Good Vibrations" 3 CD Lots and lots of Good Vibrations sessions. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 16 - Smile" CD 18 tracks, all complete songs (not sessions). Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 17 - Smile Sessions" 3 CD set on Sea of Tunes (box set). Lots and lots of perfect quality Smile sessions. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 18 - The Alternate 'Smiley Smile' Album" CD Sessions from the "Smiley Smile" recordings - 39 tracks. Excellent. A+.
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 19 - The Alternate 'Wild Honey' Album" 2 CD Sessions from Wild Honey. Excellent. A+
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 20 - Friends & 20/20" 2 CD Mostly 20/20 sessions. Excellent. A+
"Today and Summer Days" CD Sea of Tunes stereo version with bonus tracks, including alternate versions. A
"The Live Box" 3 CD Sea of Tunes – The Complete Michigan Concert Tapes and More. Excellent quality soundboard recordings of concerts from 1965-1968.
"Christmas Sessions" 3 CD Sea of Tunes. Covers the creation of the 1964 Christmas album. Excellent sound. A
"Rarities Volume 1" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. An excellent 8 CD collection covering rarities from the entire career of the Beach Boys. Volume 1 covers 1962-1968. A
"Rarities Volume 2" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 2 covers 1969-1971 - the unreleased Landlocked album and other rarities. A
"Rarities Volume 3" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 3 covers 1972-1976 – Brian Wilson demos and other rarities. A
"Rarities Volume 4" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 4 covers 1976-1977 – the unreleased Adult Child album and other rarities. A
"Rarities Volume 5" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 5 covers a variety of rare tracks from 1978. A
"Rarities Volume 6" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 6 covers rarities from 1978-1983. A
"Rarities Volume 7" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 7 covers rare tracks from 1984-1989. A
"Rarities Volume 8" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 8 covers rare tracks from the 1990s. A
"Rarities Volume 9" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 9 covers various live tracks from 1962-1972. A
"Rarities Volume 10" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 10 covers a concert from November 19, 1967 in Washington, D.C. and the "Lost Concert" (from an official DVD) from March 15, 1964. A
"Rarities Volume 11" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 11 includes concerts from December 1, 1968 from London, and December 8, 1968 from London..
"Rarities Volume 12" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 12 includes concerts from October 3, 1970 from the Big Sur Folk Festival, and August 25, 1967 from Honolulu.
"Rarities Volume 13" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 13 covers rare solo tracks from Brian Wilson from 1976-2000. A
"Rarities Volume 14" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. This volume covers Dennis Wilson’s Bamboo album, plus Dennis rare tracks. A
"Rarities Volume 16" CD 2001 Dumb Angel Records. Volume 16 covers Brian Wilson's production, participation and presence in other people's recordings from 1962-1963. A
"Long Lost Surf Songs Volume 1" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. All sorts of good stuff – some from TV, some live tracks, and many studio outtakes. A/B
"Long Lost Surf Songs Volume 2" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. Same as above. This one includes two "Blind Mice" versions. A/B
"Long Lost Surf Songs Volume 3" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. This volume includes several "Here Comes the Night" sessions, plus the original Charles Manson version of "Cease to Exist" (Beach Boys "Never Learn Not to Love"). A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 1" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. This series is a lot like the Long Lost Surf Songs: a semi-random collection of demos, live tracks and other rare and unusual tracks. Volume 1 includes several tracks from 1976, a bunch of Adult Child tracks, and other random stuff. A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 2" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. This volume has many tracks from the 1977 "Merry Christmas from the Beach Boys" LP, plus Brian Wilson demos from 1976 and some other stuff. A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 3" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. Includes some 1978 demos, several tracks from Dennis Wilson’s Bamboo LP, and some Light Album sessions. A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 4" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. Includes several live tracks from 1979/80, studio tracks from 1978/79/80. A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 5" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. Mostly live tracks from 1981/83/84. A/B
"Surfin’ Rarities Volume 6" CD-R Silver Rarities Records. Mostly 1980s songs and demos, and some Brian Wilson interviews. Includes "Kokomo" in Spanish, and "Walkin’ the Line" with Terence Trent D’Arby. A/B
"Deep Sea Treasures Volume 1 – Studio Treasures 1963-1973" CD A really excellent collection of studio demos, including a mostly instrumental Sail On Sailor, vocal only tracks for Add Some Music and Forever, and several other instrumental or alternate takes. A great new CD. A+
"Deep Sea Treasures Volume 2 – Live Treasures 1961-1974" CD More great stuff. Starting with rehearsals and demos for Surfin’, Surfin’ Safari and Surfin’ USA, this includes live stuff from concerts and several TV shows. A
"Archaeology" 5 CD A box set from 2001. Three CDs of "Lost Smile Sessions," and two CDs of "Lost Recording Sessions 1963-1968." The Smile stuff has some great, cleaned up sessions. A+
"Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!" 5 CD Vigotone 238-242. Vigotone has returned from the dead with a great new box set. There are two complete soundboard concerts (DC from 1967 and Big Sur from 1970) as well as mixing sessions, demos, live on TV tracks and other goodies. A large amount of this stuff has never been bootlegged before. A+
"Pet Sounds Rehearsals" CD-RYellow Dog Records. OK sounding demos – not as nice as the Sea of Tunes stuff, but not bad. B
"Aloha From Hawaii (and Hollywood) CD 2001 Spank Records, SP-147. This features one complete soundboard concert from August 25, 1967 from Honolulu, plus 13 tracks of excellent quality live in the studio tracks from September 11, 1967. A
"Lei’d in Hawaii Rehearsal" CD Vigotone 133. 8 incredible live in the studio tracks, including Mike Love’s nasty comments about Heroes and Villains. Also included are demos from 1968 and 1976, and live stuff from 1963. A
"We Got Love" CD-R Nassau Coliseum from 1974. Soundboard. Paul Simon and Elton John guest on a few tracks. A-
"Get the Gang Back Together" 2 CD-R 1980 radio broadcast from the Spectrum, Philadelphia. Brian is part of the band. A/A-
"Time To Get Alone" 2 CD Demos and sessions from the 1960s – covers some stuff from Party, Today and Pet Sounds. The real gem is the first 38 minutes – unedited Help Me Rhonda sessions where Brian loses his temper at his dad several times. A
"Rarities" CD Official Capitol release from Japan. Includes stuff like "With a Little Help From My Friends," "In My Room (German)," "The Letter" and some medleys. A
"Summer Sounds (and Pet Sessions) CD-R 1994 Invasion Unlimited. A nice collection of mostly "Today" and "Pet Sounds" sessions. Also includes Redwood/Three Dog Night’s version of "Time To Get Alone" – produced by Brian, it uses the same backing track as the Beach Boys version. A
"Rockin’ Rarities" CD-R Brother Records. Some Smile stuff, but mostly Brian and Beach Boys demos. B
"California Feeling" CD-R Polyphone Records. No info on the 25 tracks, but they all appear to be demos, outtakes and others from the mid to late 1970s. Sounds like many were once on vinyl. B
"Smile" 2CD set on Vigotone Records (Vigo 110/110). Original CDs. Sound A to A-, all studio recordings.
"Smile (T-2580)" CD Hard to tell who released this CD - the first 18 tracks are identical to Volume 16, but then there is about another 30 minutes of other demo cuts. Lots of tracks in stereo for the first time, or so it says in the liner notes. Excellent. A+
"Smile (T-2580-2)" CD No record company listed on this CD - 20 tracks of Smile demos. Excellent. A+
"Smile Volume 1 & 2" 2 CD-R Volume 1: Album, Volume 2: Versions. I have no idea who put this together - it came from a record store in California. Sold as "Original Capitol Records Vaults!", this sounds like a compilation of the best sounding stuff from the Vigotone set and others. A nice overview. A
"Smile - Millennium Edition" CD 2000 release by Dumb Angel Records out of Japan, I believe. This is an odd release - the standard Smile tracklisting, remastered and in some cases remixed. Some of the tracks are made up of sessions put together to create new or different versions of the songs. Very nice sounding stereo versions, some of which are quite unique. Excellent. A+
"Smile - Pastmasters" CD 17 tracks in a sleeve, everything looks very much like an official Capitol release. A great collection of tracks, with my favorite version of "Surf’s Up." A
"Smile – The Early Years" CD Italian release from 1989. A
"Smile – Odeon Records (T 9002)" CD-R 30 tracks of Smile stuff. A really excellent collection. A
"Smile – Brian Wilson" CD-R Chapter One Records. OK quality Smile recordings. B+
"Smile – Alive and Smiling" CD-RSphinx Records. OK, not great. B
"Smile – Dave’s Version 1" CD-R This is my homemade version of Smile. I took Brian's 2004 version and mixed in the original (finished, excellent quality versions only) tracks, so this bounces back and forth between old stuff and new stuff. I've tried to make it as cohesive as possible, and I'm very pleased with it. A
"Smile - Dave's Version 2" CD-R Another homemade version - this time I simply copied the order and structure of Brian's 2004 version using the original tracks. This CD mixes finished versions with demos and instrumentals. The above version is a better listen, but this was an interesting experiment. A/A-
"Smile - Music from the DVD" 2 CD-R CD 1 is the concert from the 2005 Smile DVD, and CD 2 is the extra stuff (not including the "Beautiful Dreamer" movie) - the interviews and the piano tracks. A+
"Heroes and Vibrations" CD A Vigotone release focusing on "Good Vibrations" and "Heroes and Villains" sessions. Excellent. A+
"Heroes and Villains Sessions Parts 1 & 2 CD Wilson Records. A lot of studio chatter in these sessions. About 70 minutes. A/A-
"Landlocked/Adult Child" CD Peg Boy Records. Two unreleased 1970s albums. A
"Landlocked" CD Polyphone Records. The unreleased 1970s album and songs from Adult Child. A

"Brian Wilson – Brian Loves You" CD-R Demos and outtakes from the "Love You" album, among other 1970s rarities." Does the world really need this? Do I? B
"Brian Wilson - In My Room" CD Invasion Unlimted CD, 1994. 23 tracks, mostly studio outakes and demos from 1976-78, and live in 1985 and 87. B
"Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity" CD Vigotone 112. The second version of the rejected second Warner Bros. album, plus a few b-sides. A
"Brian Wilson – Sweet Insanity Millennium Edition" CD Remastered and in some cases remixed version of his unreleased album. A
"Brian Wilson – "Sweet Insanity Outtakes" CD-R Invasion Unlimited, 1994. "The original, early version of Brian Wilson’s still unreleased album." . "Smart Girls" is the worst song I’ve ever heard. B
"Brian Wilson – Come Back Brian!" Vigotone 125. Demos and alternate versions from his first solo album, plus several demos from the first mix of "Sweet Insanity." Quality varies some, but it’s mostly very good. A
"Brian Wilson - 21 Little Ones" CD Vigotone 151. Demos with Gary Usher, compilation tracks, solo Beach Boys demos, live stuff, etc. A-
"Brian Wilson - The Wilson Project" CD Invasion Unlimited, 1994. Tracks from 1986 and 1987, mostly demos with Gary Usher. A/A-
"Brian Wilson – Andy Paley: Sessions 1996" CD Lots of demo tracks. Includes three versions of "Proud Mary." A-
"Brian Wilson – Landylocked" CD Demos and sessions with Andy Paley from the mid 1990s. A
"Brian Wilson – Soul Searching" CD Sound Improvement CDs. Andy Paley sessions. Probably the best sounding collection of this material. A
"Brian Wilson – Still I Dream of You – Rare Works of Brian Wilson" CD 32 tracks of Brian’s work with other bands. A
"Brian Wilson – Bridge Benefit Unplugged 1999" 2 CD Main Stream Records. October 30 and 31, 1999 from Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheater. This is two different soundboard concerts, with nearly identical setlists. Excellent. A
"Brian Wilson – Pre-Show Jitters" CD Polar Bear Records. July 4, 2000 from the QVC studios. This CD contains the complete 3:00 and 8:00 PM broadcasts, as well as soundchecks and band chatter. A
"Brian Wilson – Pet Bowl" 2 CD Shout to the Top Records. Live at the Hollywood Bowl, September 24, 2000. Complete show with symphonic overture and full live version of Pet Sounds. Very good audience recording. A
"Brian Wilson – A Cork in the Ocean" 2 CD June 30, 2001 from the Tweeter Center, Chicago, and July 24, 2001 from Amphitheatre Jones Beach, New York. Brilliant soundboard recordings from Brian’s summer tour. He played some real gems on this tour, including Sail on Sailor, Heroes and Villains, Surf’s Up, Warmth of the Sun, Forever and Marcella. A+
"Brian Wilson - Brian's Birthday Party" 4 CD June 20, 2001 from Phoenix, Arizona, plus three CDs of tour rehearsals. Outstanding soundboard recordings. A+
"Brian Wilson - Milwaukee 2001" CD-R June 29, 2001 from the Marcus Amphitheater. This recording is apparently from a webcast. A few flaws, but it sounds great. I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling the first track might be missing. A
"Brian Wilson - Smile Concert" 2 CD-R February 24, 2004 from the Royal Festival Hall in London. A very nice audience recording. A
"Brian Wilson – Words and Music" CD A 30 minute interview with Brian talking about his first solo album – includes music from the album. I also have a similar CD with Brian discussing Imagination. This one includes a live version of "In My Room." A
"American Spring – Spring . . . Plus" CD Brian’s wife and Diane Rovell sing Beach Boys and other tracks recorded in 1972, all produced by Brian. Official and out of print release from 1989. A

"Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blues/Bamboo" 2 CD His solo album and his unreleased second album remastered on 2 CDs. Bamboo in particular sounds better than before. A
"Dennis Wilson – Denny Remembered Volume 1 & 2" 2 CD A great collection with his solo album and unreleased solo album, as well as interview clips, news clips about his death, live tracks and demos. A
"Dennis Wilson - The Dennis Wilson Story" 2 CD 1977 solo album "Pacific Ocean Blue," 1978 unreleased solo album "Bamboo," and a bunch of demos and live tracks. The album tracks are out of order and mixed in with Beach Boys tracks. B+
"Dennis Wilson – Bamboo" CD His unreleased second album. A
"Dennis Wilson - The Ultimate Bamboo" CD A nice remaster/remix of the Bamboo. Go here for all the details. A

"Murray Wilson - The Many Moods of Murray Wilson" CD-R Murray's album of elevator music from 1967. Includes his tragic take on "The Warmth of the Sun." Avoid like the plague. A

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