Dave's List of Music

Hi. Here is my list of music to trade. Anything listed below can be put on CD-R. I prefer to do 1:1 trades, but I will entertain almost anything. If you have nothing to trade, write to me and we can work something out. Lately I haven't had much time for blanks/postage trade, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Some of these CDs have artwork, and many don't. I would prefer to trade for CD-Rs only.

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I try to list all the info I have about the quality of recordings, and if I own the original or not. I try to mention if I hear any clicks, but I don't always notice them. If we trade and you aren't happy, please let me know and I'll get you something else. Email me at hirsch@foe.org if you have questions, want a track listing, or want to set up a trade. I collect these things because I like to listen to them, so I've always been more interested in quality over quantity. I’m always looking for good soundboard shows, and I try not to list stuff that really isn’t worth having. That’s why a lot of my CDs are listed as "A" quality. If you have any questions about quality, just ask me and I’ll be honest. And as far as grading goes, keep in mind that an audience recording graded "A" isn’t the same as a soundboard recording graded "A." Also, please do not tell me a recording is "A+ Soundboard" when it is actually mediocre audience. If you can't tell the origin of the recording, that is fine. But too many people have simply misled me about the quality of recordings, and I'm getting tired of it.

Some bands I list "B-Sides and More." There are several bands that I have extensive collections of CD and vinyl singles, b-sides and compilation tracks. I’ve been slowly making CD-R compilations of my collections, but I’m not done yet. If I have listed "B-Sides and More," it means the compilation isn’t finished. I don't want to list every single track I own by a band, so inquire for details about a specific band.

I prefer to trade without cases, and with tracklists (or artwork) whenever possible.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Last updated March 25, 2007.

Page 1: Arcade Fire – Badly Drawn Boy – Syd Barrett – Bauhaus – Beach Boys – Beatles – Beck – Belle and Sebastian – Beta Band – Beulah – Bjork/Sugarcubes – Blur – David Bowie – The Breeders – Bright Eyes – Broken Social Scene – Richard Buckner – Calexico – Cardigans – Neko Case – Cat Power – Nick Cave – Cinerama – The Clash – CocoRosie – Cowboy Junkies – Death Cab For Cutie – Iris Dement – Devotchka – Dexy's Midnight Runners – The Doors – Johnny Dowd – Nick Drake – Steve Earle – The Earlies – Echo and the Bunnymen - Eels – Elastica – Alejandro Escovedo – Fiery Furnaces – Flaming Lips – Fleetwood Mac – Freakwater – Foetus – Peter Gabriel – Gang of Four – Garbage – Genesis – Geraldine Fibbers – Lisa Germano – David Gilmour

Page 2: Godspeed You Black Emporer – Gomez – Grifters – PJ Harvey – Helium – Kristin Hersh – Robyn Hitchcock – Buddy Holly – Hopewell – Incredible Moses Leroy – Interpol – Chris Isaak – Jane’s Addiction – Jayhawks – Jesus and Mary Chain – Damien Jurado – The Kinks – Liars – Long Fin Killie – Los Lobos – Love and Rockets – Lyle Lovett – Luna – Shelby Lynne – Aimee Mann – Marillion – John Mellencamp – Mercury Rev – MIA – Mirah – Modest Mouse – Mogwai – The Monkees – Morphine/Twinemen – New Order – Nirvana – Old 97s – Roy Orbison – Beth Orton – Palace/Will Oldham – Pavement – Liz Phair – Sam Phillips

Page 3: Pink Floyd – Pixies – Police – Polyphonic Spree – Portishead/Beth Gibbons – Primal Scream – Radiohead – Railroad Jerk – Lou Reed – REM – Rilo Kiley – Rolling Stones – Secret Machines – Michelle Shocked – Shudder to Think – Sigur Ros – Simon and Garfunkel – Paul Simon – Six by Seven – Sixteen Horsepower – Sleepy Jackson – Sly and the Family Stone – Smashing Pumpkins – Sonic Youth – Sons and Daughters – Son Volt/Jay Farrar – Soundtrack of Our Lives – Spiritualized

Page 4: Bruce Springsteen – Super Furry Animals – The Strokes – Talking Heads – The The – Traffic – TV on the Radio – U2 – Uncle Tupelo – Suzanne Vega – Velvet Underground – Verve – Tom Waits – The Walkmen – Roger Waters – Ween – Gillian Welch – Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams – Jim White – White Stripes – The Who – Wilco/Jeff Tweedy – Lucinda Williams – Kelly Willis – Wolf Parade – Yo La Tengo

Arcade Fire
"2001 Demos" CD-R From an mp3 source. I've boosted the volume somewhat on the tracks. They sound fine - but the songs aren't very good. A
"Radio & TV Sessions" CD-R January 17, 2005 from KCRW, October 2, 2004 from Radio 3 (Toronto) and one track from the January 2005 TV appearance on the Conan O'Brien show. The KCRW set includes a post "Funeral" track ("Intervention") and a Magnetic Fields cover ("Born on a Train"). The Radio 3 sessions includes a Talking Heads cover ("Naive Melody - This Must Be the Place"). Finally, there are two tracks from a soundcheck before the January 30, 2004 9:30 Club show (Washington, D.C.) that were broadcast on a local cable TV show (Pancake Mountain - they film bands playing with a bunch of little kids running around.) A
"Lamacq Live Showcase" CD-R March 7, 2005 broadcast from London. This is short - only three tracks. The quality isn't terrible, but I expect better from a broadcast source. B
"Melkweg" CD-R March 11, 2005 from Amsterdam. Nice soundboard. A
"Paradiso" CD-R May 11, 2005 from Amsterdam. Very good soundboard. A
"Postbahnhof" CD-R May 20, 2005 from Berlin. Excellent soundboard. A

Badly Drawn Boy
"Radio One" CD-R 10-9-99. No tracklist for this one, but a nice sounding broadcast and interview. A
"Reading Festival" CD-R August 26, 2000 from Reading, England. Some distortion on this broadcast recording. Includes a cover of "Born in the USA." A/A-
"Sheperd’s Bush Empire" 2 CD-R October 30, 2000 from London. Nice radio broadcast. Mr. BDB sometimes sounds like he is singing too close to the microphone. A
"Richard on Richard's" CD-R November 14, 2000 from Vancouver. Soundboard. A
"Ground Zero" CD-R Interview and live in the studio tracks on NPR’s Ground Zero radio program, December 2, 2000. About 35 minutes. Excellent quality. A+
"KCRW 2001" CD-R Interview and live tracks from May 21, 2001 and November 9, 2001. The November show includes several About a Boy tracks. A
"The Official Bootleg Live @ Glastonbury" CD June 30, 2002 from Glastonbury. 15 tracks. An official promo distributed at some shows. A+
"KCRW" CD-R November 8, 2002 radio show. Includes piano versions of several "Have You Fed the Fish" tracks, and a couple of unreleased tracks. A
"Collection" 2 CD-R A collection of EP tracks, B-sides and radio appearances. A
"Non-Album Recordings" 3 CD-R An updated collection of b-sides and other tracks. A

Syd Barrett
"The Man on the Border" 2 CD-R A collection of rare live and studio tracks by Syd and Syd-era Pink Floyd. A-

"Orpheum Theatre 2005" 2 CD November 13, 2005 from Boston. Official releases from Instant Live, recorded in perfect soundboard. A+

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Dennis Wilson

My Beach Boys CDs can be found here.

Check out the Beatleg Project for tracklists, reviews and other information for many of these recordings.
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Demos and outtakes 1962-63. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Demos and outtakes 1966-67. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 4" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Demos and outtakes 1968. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Demos and outtakes 1969. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Demos and outtakes 1962-1969. A
"Unsurpassed Masters Volume 7" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. Various demos and outtakes. A
"Hard Days and Nights" 2 CD-R Lots of demos, outtakes, etc. from the "Hard Day's Night" era. Quality varies. A/B-
"Songs for Eleanor" 2 CD-R Tons of stuff from "Help" – film production acetates, outtakes and alternates, soundtrack mixes, mono b-sides, and session tapes. Quality varies some. Mostly A
"Soul Sessions" 2 CD-R A nice collection of Rubber Soul era demos and outtakes. A/A-
"The Alternate Revolver" CD-R Good collection of Revolver era demos and alternate mixes. A/A-
"It’s Not Too Bad" CD-R Peg Boy Records. A complete look at the making of Strawberry Fields Forever, from first demos to completion. An amazing collection. Sound quality varies. A/B
"The Lost Pepperland Reel" CD-R Sgt. Pepper demos and a bunch of other rarities. A
"Pepperland" 2 CD-R Two CDs of Sgt. Pepper demos, outtakes, etc. A
"Last Year" 2 CD-R Abbey Road era rarities. Nice stuff. A/B
"No. 3 Abbey Road N. W. 8" CD-R 8 tracks of Paul with Donovan, plus 10 Abbey Road demos. A
"Another Sessions . . . Plus" CD-R An alternate "Sessions" album thanks to mixes made by John Barrett in 1982. A
"The Twickenham Sessions" 8 CD-R A fascinating look at the recording of the album eventually known as "Let it Be." Very, very complete live in the studio stuff, complete with conversations, arguments, tuning up, meandering jams, cover songs and lots of demos of great songs. Great sound quality. A
"Thirty Days" 17 CD-R Yes, seventeen. "The Ultimate Get Back Sessions," says the official box, which pretty much covers it. This is The Beatles in January 1969, and there is quite a bit here. A
"Get Back" CD-R Demos and outtakes, plus 6 tracks from the rooftop concert. B+
"Get Back and 22 Other Songs" CD-R Yellow Dog Records. "The Unreleased Get Back Album as mixed and compiled by Glyn Johns." Plus some other 1969 recordings. A
"Get Back Second Mix" CD-R Glyn Johns Second Mix, January 5, 1970. Great stuff. A
"As Nature Intended" CD-R The complete 1969 rooftop concert, plus the first master tape compilation of the "Get Back" album. A
"From Kinfauns to Chaos" 2 CD-R A nice collection. CD 1 is the collected Esher demos for the White Album. CD 2 is lots and demos for Revolution. A/A-
"The Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969" CD-R The collected Christmas fan club recordings. A-
"Something to Hide" CD-R Various demos and outtakes from Abbey Road, The White Album and others. A
"Anthology Plus" 2 CD-R A nice collection of rare live and studio tracks. A/B
"George Harrison – Songs for Patti" Demos and outtakes from All Things Must Pass. A
"George Harrison – Acetates and Alternates" Another CD of demos and outtakes from All Things Must Pass. A
"George Harrison - The Making of All Things Must Pass" 3 CD-R Demos and outtakes. Great stuff, but did I need seven versions of "Apple Scruff?" A/A-
"George Harrison - Pirate Songs" CD-R A great collection of rarities and demos. A
"George Harrison - 12 Arnold Grove" CD-R A companion to Pirate Songs, another great collectio of rarities and demos. A
"George Harrison - Wonderwall Music" CD-R George's hard to find early solo album. A
"George Harrison - Electronic Sound" CD-R George's other hard to find early solo album. A
"George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Sampler + Demos/Outtakes" 2 CD-R Two CDs of George's solo and Beatle demos. Quality varies from A to B.
"John Lennon - Free As A Bird: The Dakota Beatle Demos" CD-R John's demos from 1977-1980. Quality ranges from A to B-
"John Lennon – Compositions" CD-R Vigotone collection of mostly home demos other stuff. A
"John Lennon – Absolute Elsewhere" 3 CD-R Great sounding Vigotone collection covering alternates, sessions and demos for the "Mind Games" album. A
"John Lennon – Imagine . . . All the Outtakes" 3 CD-R Comprehensive and very nice Vigotone collection. A

"KCRW 93-94" CD-R Great sounding radio sessions from 1993-94. A
"Suicidal Jerk" CD-R October 28, 1994 Santa Monica, California. Either excellent audience or pretty good soundboard. For some reason I can't really tell. Good sounding show. A-/B+
"Open Air Bizarre Festival, 1995" CD-R August 15, 1995. Soundboard. A
"Electric Music" CD-R Paradiso Theater, Amsterdam. July 21, 1996. Soundboard. A
"Lollipop Festival 1996" CD-R Soundboard recording from Sweden. A-
"Solo and Acoustic" CD-R Excellent soundboard recordings from 1995-1997. A
"Pulling Up Roots" CD-R August 1997, Koln, Germany. Soundboard. A
"Make Out City" CD-R Date and location unknown, Odelay tour. Soundboard. A
"KCRW 96-98" CD-R Excellent sounding radio sessions from 1996 and 1998. A
"Sessions at West 54th" CD-R September 5, 1997 television broadcast. A
"Cirkus" CD-R March 20, 2000 from Stockholm. Soundboard. A
"Tokyo" 2 CD-R May 31, 2000. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"14th Bizarre Festival" CD-R August 18, 2000 from Germany. Soundboard. A
"B-Sides and Rarities" 2 CD-R A nice collection. A
"Rare & Funky" 6 CD-R A massive collection of Beck b-sides, remixes, and who knows what else. I have no idea if all of these come from original sources, but everything sounds good. A

Belle and Sebastian
"Paradiso" CD-R 1998 radio broadcast from Holland. I have no interest at all in this band, but if you do, this is a nice recording for you. A

Beta Band
"Richards on Richards" CD-R October 24, 1999 from Vancouver. A

"Peel Sessions" CD-R March 20, 2000 from La Scala, broadcast a month later on Peel. Six tracks. Filler is a few Cat Power tracks from Australia, February 11, 1999. A
"Demo" CD A CD sold at concerts in 2003. Features the entire "Yoko" album recorded as demos. A+

"The Live Debut" CD-R Live in New York in 1993. Excellent soundboard. Each song (crowd noise actually) fades out at the end. A
"Manchester Academy" CD-R September 14, 1993 from Manchester. Fantastic soundboard. A/A+
"Vulcano of Iceland" CD-R Live in New York, 1994. I think this is from MTV Unplugged. A
"Miss World" CD-R August 7, 1995 from Toronto. Excellent soundboard. A
"The Iceland Saga" CD-R July 2, 1998 from Norway with the Iceland String Octet. Very good audience recording. B
"National Theare" 2 CD-R January 6, 1999 from Reykjavik. Soundboard. Excellent show, great sound. Several filler tracks on CD 2 from various sources. A
"Europa" CD-R Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England January 29th, 1999 (although I’ve also heard it might be December 2, 1998. Fantastic soundboard recording. A+
"Union Chapel" 2 CD-R December 9, 1999 from London. Great soundboard recording of Bjork with a string section. A
"Riverside Church" CD-R May 22, 2001 from Harlem, New York. Distant sounding audience recording of this unique show – Bjork in a very intimate setting. Included as filler is a better sounding audience recording of a New York pre-tour rehearsal with Matmos. B
"HBO’s Reverb" CD-R September 5, 2001 from Riverside Church, Harlem, New York. Live tracks and short interview segments from TV. Six songs, including the glorious b-side "Generous Palmstroke." Excellent soundboard. A
"Bunkamura Orchard Hall" CD-R December 5, 2001 from Tokyo. Excellent soundboard. A
"Royal Opera House" CD-R December 16, 2001 from London. Excellent soundboard. I assume this is from her official DVD. A+
"Treptow Arena" CD-R June 23, 2003 from Berlin. Includes a few "Medulla" tracks. Soundboard. A
"Giles Peterson Show" CD-R October 10, 2004 from Maida Vale Studios, BBC. 18 minutes of live in the studio and interview tracks. You're enjoyment of this recording will depend on how much you enjoy "Medulla." A
"Quiet Fireworks" CD-R Studio rarities, 1993-1997 + 3 songs from Spanish TV. A
"Cover Me" CD-R 24 tracks, from early stuff to more recent cover versions. A-/B+
"Sugarcubes: Auburn University" CD-R Good soundboard recording from Alabama, 1988. B+
"Sugarcubes: Ding a Ling a Ling!" CD-R Excellent soundboard recording from Finland, 1988. A
"Sugarcubes: Paradiso" CD-R June 8, 1988 from Amsterdam. Soundboard. B+/A-
"Sugarcubes: I-Beam" CD-R Audience from August 15, 1988. A-/B+
"Sugarcubes: Fellahellis" CD-R August 19, 1989 from Reykjavik. Excellent FM broadcast, almost completely in Icelandic. A/A-
"Sugarcubes: Fryshusel" CD-R December 11, 1989 from Stockholm. Very good soundboard. Filler is the Tappi Tikarass EP "Bitio fast I vitio" (Bjork’s band, age 14-15). This is excellent stuff not found on the Miranda album. A/A-
"Sugarcubes: Riviera" CD-R April 1992 from Chicago. Very good soundboard. A
"Sugarcubes: Hit the North Atlantic" CD-R April 13, 1992. Audience. B-
"Sugarcubes: As Sweet As Ever" CD-R B-Sides and rarities collection. A
"Sugarcubes: Live Zabor" CD-R Audio taken from the official DVD concert. About an hour, including some interview tracks. A/A+
"Bjork Gudmundsdottir" CD-R Bjork’s first album from 1977. She was 12 years old. A
"Kukl – The Eye" CD-R Bjork/Sugarcubes early band from 1984. A
"Kukl – Holidays in Europe" CD-R Bjork/Sugarcubes early band from 1986. (NOTE: both Kukl albums can fit on one CD-R) A
"Kukl – Kukl a Paris" CD-R September 14, 1984. The recording is noisy . . . and the band is noisy. A rare live recording of Bjork’s early band. B-
"Tappi Tikarrass: Miranda" CD-R Album from Bjork’s pre-Kukl band, plus 3 bonus tracks. A
"Gling Glo" CD-R Bjork’s jazz album from 1990. A
"Gling Glo Live" CD-R August 30, 1990 from Hotel Borg, in Reykjavνk, Iceland. A nice sounding (a little muffled soundboard) live recording of Bjork’s jazz work. B+

"Kilburn National Ballroom" CD-R October 24, 1991 from London. From a DVD. A
"Alexandra Palace" 2 CD-R October 7, 1994 from London. Soundboard. A
"Japan Only Live Album" 2 CD-R November 8, 1995. The title says it all - an official release, but not in most of the world. A+
"Live at Peel Acres" CD Six live tracks from a bonus CD that came with the Australia/New Zealand version of the self-titled album. About 20 minutes. A+
"Astoria, 10-2-97" CD-R London soundboard recording. Excellent. A
"Tender Battle" CD-R March 15, 1999 London. Soundboard. A
"Unlucky For Some" CD Excellent soundboard recording, zero information in the liner notes about where/when - appears to be a duplicate of the "Tender Battle" recording. Made in Australia. A
"B-Sides Concert" CD-R September 6, 1999 from the Electric Ballroom in London. A really fun soundboard show. Almost every track they play is a b-side. A
"Wembley Arena" CD-R December 11, 1999 from London. Soundboard. A
"Acoustic" CD-R Various acoustic sessions, zero info about when/where. A-/B+
"Astoria 2003" 2 CD-R May 12, 2003 from London. Radio broadcast. A
"B-Sides Collection" 7 CD-R This is a compilation made from the Blur CD singles box set released a few years ago. Includes CD EPs from "She’s So High" in 1990 to "No Distance Left to Run" in 1999. A+

David Bowie
"Santa Monica 1972" CD-R Soundboard or radio broadcast of a Ziggy era show. A
"Nobody's Children" CD-R Four different radio sessions from 1971-72. Three of them sound excellent. A/A-

The Breeders
"Breeders Demos" CD-R Demos, live tracks from their first show, and some various compilation tracks. A-/B+

Bright Eyes
"Flex" CD-R November 20, 2002 from Vienna. Radio broadcast. Gaps between tracks. A

Broken Social Scene
"Radio Aligre" CD-R June 2004 from Paris. Six tracks, around 21 minutes. A

Richard Buckner
"Sommerville" 2 CD-R No idea of when or where, but a good sounding soundboard. A-
"Fillmore" CD-R March 30, 1996 from San Francisco. Soundboard. A-
"With Alejandro Escovedo - Houston" 2 CD-R November 23, 1999 from Houston. Soundboard recording, switching off with Alejandro. A
"With Alejandro Escovedo - San Francisco" 2 CD-R January 19, 2000 from the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco. Soundboard. A
"Houston" 2 CD-R March 22, 2000 from Rudyards in Texas. Soundboard. A
"Radio Sessions" CD-R Nice sounding radio sessions from 1996 and 1997 World Cafe and others. A
"Cactus Cafe" 2 CD-R March 12, 2000 from Austin, Texas. Nice soundboard. A
"KEXP" CD-R Radio interview and live tracks from July 27, 2002. About 20 minutes. Also on this CD is a session by Mirah from June 2, 2002. A
"Unreleased" CD-R Ten demo tracks, apparently a bootleg of a self-released tape from 1995. A/A-

"Roskilde Festival" CD-R June 20, 2000 from Denmark. Radio broadcast. A
"Planet Music" CD-R February 19, 2001 radio broadcast from Vienna, Austria. Small edits between tracks. A

"The Other Side of the Moon" CD-R Nice collection of b-sides. Perfect quality studio recordings. A+
"Fluff Free Pop Lovefools" CD Live in Toronto, September 8, 1996. Soundboard. A
"KROQ in Los Angeles" CD-R Two broadcasts, the first from December 13, 1996, the second from KROQ's Acoustic X-Mas, December 11, 1998. A
"Royal Albert Hall" CD-R April 29, 1999. Radio broadcast. A
"Germany 1999" CD-R I have no idea of date or location, but it sounds like a nice soundboard. A

Neko Case
"Alberta" CD-R March 30, 2000 from the Republik, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nice soundboard. A
"Peel Sessions" CD-R September 13, 2000 radio broadcast from Maida Vale. A
"Abbey Pub" CD-R November 21, 2001 from Chicago. I think this is a soundboard show - I can't be one hundred percent certain. It is a very nice show. For some reason, at one point she starts talking about her pubic hair. A couple of clicks in the last (21st) song. A
"The Fillmore" CD-R July 16, 2004 from San Francisco. Soundboard. A
"9:30 Club" 2 CD-R April 9, 2006 from Washington, D.C. From a nice webcast. A

Cat Power
"Black/White" CD-R September 18, 1996 from the Black Cat Club in DC, and White Sessions from July 17, 1999 from France. Nice recordings. A
"Radio Aligre Sessions" CD-R March 6, 2000 and November 30, 1998 from Paris. Also includes several b-sides. A
"Chan-Gri La" CD-R Who thinks up these dumb names for bootlegs? Includes some tracks from the Brave New World radio program from November 5, 1999, a handful of b-sides and compilation tracks, and some from Australian TV. A-
"Peel Sessions, etc" CD-R I have no idea when most of these tracks are from. She covers Oasis' "Wonderwall." She and Ryan Adams should chat. I think this CD has some of the Radio Aligre tracks on it. A
"The Passion of Joan of Arc" 2 CD-R May 19, 1999 from somewhere in Toronto. Recorded as one long track. CD 2 has an assortment of bonus tracks from various places. Sounds like soundboard, but I'm not positive. A
"KCRW 2003" CD-R February 27, 2003 radio broadcast - interview and live tracks. Includes a medley of "Dream (All I Have to Do)," "Try a Little Tenderness" and "Blue Moon." A

Nick Cave
"The Funeral" CD-R September 26, 1986 from TourBochum, Zeche. High-energy, grim and dirty - standard for the day. Nice soundboard. Not perfect, but this is probably pretty close to what this concert sounded like. A-
"Theaterfabrik Unterfohring" CD-R December 11, 1986 from Munich, Germany. Soundboard. A-
"Circus Krone" CD-R May 17, 1992 from Munich, Germany. Broadcast with an interview clip. A-
"Songs from a Diary" CD-R Soundtrack to the official video "Live at the Paradiso." June 2 & 3, 1992. A/A+
"Norway 4.9.96" CD-R 14 tracks.
"Dead Is Not The End" CD 15 tracks, 73:31 minutes, Koln 17.8.1996 Original CD. B to A.
"Live at the Royal Albert Hall" CD Limited edition 9 track official soundboard recording. May 19-20, 1997. Original A+
"Live 91-97" CD-R Glastonbury 94, Radcliffe session 96, BBC session 91, and Albert Hall 97. A-/B+
"Duende" CD September 28, 1998 and June 2, 1997 from Germany. Excellent audience recording. A-
"Fuji Rock Festival" CD-R August 2, 1998 from Tokyo. This is probably an audience recording, but it has been remastered (by "Wolf") and it sounds fantastic. A
"Dranouter Solo" CD-R August 6, 1999 solo show from Belgium. Audience. A-
"KCRW" CD-R Broadcast March 30, 2001. Interview and live tracks. Great quiet version of "Papa Won’t Leave You Henry." A
"Vienna 2001" CD-R April 8, 2001 from RadioKulturhaus, Vienna. Eight excellent soundboard tracks, plus some audience recording from who knows where. A
"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R Great collection of b-sides and compilation tracks. A

"Live in Los Angeles" CD November 5, 2000 from The Knitting Factory. This is an official CD sold mail-order by the band. A+
"Peel 2002" CD-R January 9, 2002 from Maida Vale. Fourteen broadcast tracks. A
"Live in Belfast" CD September 5, 2002 from The Empire. This is an official CD sold mail-order by the band. A+

The Clash
"Live at the Palladium" CD-R September 21, 1979 soundboard concert from New York. A
"London’s Burning" CD-R Demos and outtakes from 1976-1979. A/B

"Harry Klein" CD-R June 2, 2004 from Munich. Very nice audience recording of this very strange band. A

Cowboy Junkies
"Berkee Performance Center" 2 CD-R April 30, 1989 from Boston. Radio broadcast with occasional yapping DJ. A
"Melbourne" CD-R Australian radio broadcast from February 1999. Very nice. A

Death Cab for Cutie
"Crocodile Cafe" CD-R May 26, 2000 from Seattle. Very good soundboard. A

Iris Dement
"Live on WUOF" 2CD-R Laurel Theatre, Knoxville TN, March 14, 1997. Radio broadcast. A-
"East Coast Blues and Roots Festival" CD-R April 1998 from Australia. Radio broadcast. A

"KCRW/E-Town" CD-R December 17, 2004 interview and live in the studio from KCRW, and a few tracks from an E-Town broadcast from May 2003. Includes their cover of "Venus in Furs." A

Dexy's Midnight Runners
"BBC Live in Concert" CD June 6, 1982 from Marquee, Exhibition Park, Newcastle. I have an official release of this concert. The liner notes tell me that this includes the first public performance of "Come On Eileen." A
"The Bridge VHS" CD-R October 10, 1982 from the Shaftesbury Theatre. This was recorded directly from the official VHS. There is a brief flaw (due to the age of the VHS) toward the end of "Come On Eileen." A
"Schwabinger Brau" CD-R November 11, 1982 broadcast from Munich, Germany. BBC rebroadcast in 1993. A
"Essen Rockpalast" CD-R April 16, 1983 from Germany. Nice soundboard. A
"It Was Like This" 2 CD-R November 7, 2003 from the Liverpoole Royal Court Theatre. This is the reunited Dexy's, with audio taken directly from the official DVD released in 2004. A+

The Doors
"The Lost Paris Tapes: Poetry and Session" CD-R A long session of Jim Morrison in the studio reading poetry and playing with some street musicians. CD is one long track. A
"Doors for the 21st Century" 3 CD-R December 31, 2003 from the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles. The Doors with Ian Astbury of the Cult singing. I was skeptical, but I think it works. Excellent soundboard. A+

Johnny Dowd
"Amstel Festival Etc." CD-R Five tracks from July 13, 1998, Amsterdam, and twelve tracks from various radio programs from 1998. A
"Chicago" CD October 10, 1999 from Chicago. The sound fades out in between songs. This is an audience recording, and it is lots of fun. The quality is good, and the show is very frantic. This guy sounds even more like a maniac in concert. A-
"Middle East" CD-R March 8, 2000 from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Soundboard. A/A-
"Tin Angel" CD-R December 14, 2000 from Philadelphia. Audience. A-
"Nuremberg" CD-R January 17, 2001 from Germany. Radio broadcast. A
"The Haunt" CD-R March 1, 2001 from Ithaca, New York. Soundboard. A
"Neon Baptist - Poverty House" 1994 studio recordings of Johnny and his band, Neon Baptist. A
"Down in the Valley" CD From a CD sold at shows. A noisy, experimental sound. A

Nick Drake
"The Complete Home Recordings" CD 24 Tracks home recorded in 1967-68. Original CD. B-
"Second Grace" CD-R Home demos and "work tape" tracks. One track has a clicking flaw. B
"Tanworth-in-Arden 2" CD-R Demo versions of stuff like Time Has Told Me, Black Eyed Dog, Poor Boy and others. Great stuff. B+

Steve Earle
"Live Train a’Comin’" 2 CD-R January 17, 1996 from San Francisco. Very good soundboard. A
"Telluride Bluegrass Festival" CD-R June 23, 1996 with the Train Band. OK audience. B-
"Solo - Milan, Italy" 2 CD-R February 11, 1997 solo recording. Good audience. B
"Live at Fitzgeralds" CD-R October 21, 1997. Great sounding show broadcast on WXRT. A
"Tradewinds" 2 CD-R February 6, 1998. Sea Bright, New Jersey. Good audience. B+
"Mississippi Nights" 2 CD-R June 19, 1998. St. Louis, MO. Soundboard. A-
"Mountain Stage" CD-R April 24, 1999 radio broadcast with Del McCoury. A
"Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band" 2 CD-R May 11, 1999. Malmo, Sweden. I believe this is a radio broadcast. Excellent soundboard. A+
"Teatro Cinema Communale" 2 CD-R October 29, 1999 from Chiari, Italy. Solo acoustic show. Excellent soundboard. A
"Warwick Arts Center" CD-R May 25, 2000 from Coventry, UK. Soundboard. A/A-
"Magnetized Motherfuckers" 3 CD-R Outstanding collection of b-sides, compilation tracks and other rarities. A

The Earlies
"KCRW"CD-R December 1, 2005 radio broadcast. Live in the studio and interview. A

Echo and the Bunnymen
"Nakano Sun Plaza" CD-R January 17, 1984 from Tokyo. Soundboard. A/A-
"Karen" CD-R April 25, 1985 from Gothenburg. Nice soundboard. The show starts with six cover songs. A
"Empire Theatre" CD-R January 11, 1988 from Liverpool. Broadcast by the BBC. A
"Glastonbury" CD-R June 28, 1997 from England. Soundboard. A
"House of Blues" 2 CD December 7, 2005 from Anaheim, California. Official releases from Instant Live, recorded in perfect soundboard. A+

"Rockpalast" CD-R November 15, 1996 from Essen, Germany. Soundboard, but a bit tinny. B+
"Shepard’s Bush" CD-R April 30, 1997 from London. Occasional radio noise. An excellent show. A
"Reading Festival" CD-R August 23, 1997. Excellent radio broadcast of a great show. Includes a cover of "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover." A
"2 Meter Sessions" CD-R August 25, 1997 from the Netherlands. Six tracks. A
"Sweden 1998" CD-R Sodra Teatern, Stockholm. 10-5-98. Mostly Electro-Shock Blues stuff. Soundboard. A
"BBC 2000" CD-R February 14, 2000. Five "Daisies" tracks. A/A-
"Black Sessions" CD-R March 23, 2000 from Paris. Excellent broadcast. A
"Belfort Festival" CD-R July 6, 2000 from France. Probably audience, but almost sounds soundboard at times. Also, at some times the sound only comes out of one speaker. A-
"Forestglad Festival Wiesen" CD-R July 7, 2000 from Austria. Radio broadcast. Nice show. A
"Planet Music" CD-R November 16, 2001 from Vienna. Radio broadcast. A
"Ancienne Belgique" 2 CD-R June 23, 2003 radio broadcast from Brussels, Belgium. A
"KCRW" CD-R June 27, 2003 radio broadcast of ten songs and an interview segment. A
"KCRW (with strings)" CD-R May 9, 2005 radio broadcast of 11 tracks performed with strings. A
"Oh What A Beautiful Morning" CD An official, but limited/mail order only live album from 2000. A+
"Electo-Shock Blues Show" CD I love this band. In addition to being absolutely brilliant, they also know how to treat their fans. This is the second limited edition, mail-order only, live CD they have released. This one is from December 1998. More information is available at www.eelstheband.com . A+
"Sixteen Tons (Ten Songs) CD Yet another limited release (sold only at shows) from this friendly group. This is the KCRW session from June 27, 2003 (without the interview segments). Great live tracks. A+
"I Write the B-Sides" CD-R 24 tracks. Excellent. A

"Hultsfred Festival" CD-R 1994 from Sweden. Soundboard. A-
"The Vaseline Gang" CD KTS Records. 27 tracks recorded in 94-95. Excellent soundboard. A

Alejandro Escovedo
"Jake's" 2 CD-R September 1, 1992 from Bloomington, Indiana. Audience. A-
"Crooked Frame" CD-R June 16, 1996 from New York City. Soundboard. A/A-
"Tractor Tavern" CD-R May 29, 1998 from Seattle. Audience recording with Peter Case and Freedy Johnston. A-
"Raven Theatre" 2 CD-R June 27, 1998 from Healdburgh, California. Acoustic band. Soundboard. A
"Northampton" CD-R May 8, 1999 from Massachusetts. Audience. B
"The Handlebar" 2 CD-R May 14, 1999 from Greenville, South Carolina. A little echo on the vocals. Soundboard. A
"House Party" 2 CD-R September 3, 1999 from Palo Alto, California. Soundboard. A
"With Richard Buckner - Houston" 2 CD-R November 23, 1999 from Houston. Soundboard recording, switching off with Richard Buckner. A
"With Richard Buckner - San Francisco" 2 CD-R January 19, 2000 from the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco. Soundboard. A
"Continental Club" 2 CD-R March 18, 2001 from Austin, Texas. Nice soundboard. A
"Ted's Wrecking Yard" 2 CD-R May 16, 2001 from Toronto. Nice soundboard recording. A
"Cactus Cafe" 2 CD-R June 15, 2001 from Austin, Texas. A few flaws in this otherwise nice soundboard show. A/A-
"Rock the River" CD-R August 11, 2001 from Chicago. Soundboard. A
"Turf Club" 2 CD-R August 15, 2002 from St. Paul, Minnesota. Soundboard recording of a great show. Several covers, including "All the Young Dudes," "Sex Beat," and "Waiting for the Man." A
"Sinkkasten" 2 CD-R December 16, 2002 from Frankfurt, Germany. Soundboard. Everything sounds great except for some distortion on the vocals on a few tracks. The set includes eight covers and some help from Steve Wynn. A/A-
"Grey Eagle Tavern" 2 CD-R February 27, 2003 from Asheville, North Carolina. Soundboard. A (Also includes filler from not so hot sounding Rank and File show from 1980, Dayton, Ohio)
"Orchestra Gig" CD-R Don't know when this radio broadcast is from - 1996-1998, probably. A/A-
"World Cafe" CD-R June 23, 2006 from WXPN in Philadelphia. Eight tracks plus an interview segment. A

Fiery Furnaces
"The Mod Club" CD-R September 12, 2004 from Toronto. After "Blueberry Boat" came out, Fiery Furnaces chopped up their songs into little bits, jumbled them all together and went out on tour. Their concerts, as represented by this recording, were 50 minute medleys (or sound collages), with small pieces of songs showing up several times, lyrics sung over different music, and no breaks between tracks. I saw them in D.C., and I thought that it was an interesting experiment, but ultimately somewhat unsatisfying. However, my younger brother, (who is considerably less intelligent, handsome, etc.) thought it was one of the most creative shows he'd ever seen. Either way, this is a soundboard recording of a very unusual show. A

Flaming Lips
"Sessions" CD-R 1992-1999 - KCRW, BBC, XFM sessions and other stuff. A
"Boombox Experiment" CD-R September 27, 1998 from Wetlands, New York. Soundboard recording of performance art in action.
"Iceland Airwaves Festival" CD-R October 21, 2000 from Reykjavik. Radio broadcast. A
"Flex 2003" CD-R March 2, 2003 from Vienna, Austria. Radio broadcast. Some slight occasional radio noise. A
"Forestglade 2003" CD-R July 6, 2003 from Wiesen, Austria. Radio broadcast. A
"Zaireeka Mix" CD-R A single CD mix of the 4 CD Zaireeka tracks, all put together into proper songs. A
"Okie Noodling Soundtrack" CD-R Soundtrack to the Bradley Beesley Film (March 2001). Odd. A
"Yoshimi Instrumental" CD-R From a promo CD of an instrumental version of the entire album. A+

Fleetwood Mac
"Rumors Demos" CD-R Nice sounding demos and outtakes. A

"Live at Kulturkella" CD-R June 6, 1994 from Germany. Very good soundboard. A

"Feedus Foetus" LP Live tracks from the Scream Club, Los Angeles. Early 1990s.
"Singles Collection" 3 CD-R Great collection of tracks from rare 7" and 12" sources, among others. A

Peter Gabriel
"Rockplast" CD-R September 15, 1978 television broadcast from Essen, Germany. Excellent. A
"Reading Festival" CD-R August 26, 1979 from Reading. Soundboard. Includes early versions of Biko and No Self Control. The soundboard stuff is 11 tracks, with 4 more audience tracks added to complete the concert. A
"Ashcombe House Demos" CD-R 1979 demos. A-
"Paramount Theatre" 2 CD-R August 10, 1983 from Seattle. Soundboard. A
"En Alemania" LP Live "So" era tracks and earlier stuff. 14 tracks, LP notes in Italian.
"In Your Eyes" 2 CD-R June 26, 1987 audience recording from Bologna, Italy. A/A-
"The Spectrum" 2 CD-R July 21, 1987 from Philadelphia. Radio broadcast. A/A+
"Cleveland" 2 CD-R July 27, 1987 audience recording. A
"Lay Your Hands on Me" CD-R October 15, 1987 from Athens, Greece. Apparently taken from the soundtrack of the POV video. A
"Rosemont Horizon" 2 CD-R July 10, 1993 from Chicago, Illinois. Excellent soundboard. A/A+
"Velodromo Del Estadio Nacional" 2 CD-R September 29, 1993 from Chile. Radio broadcast. A
"Glastonbury" 2 CD-R June 26, 1994 from England. Audience. A
"Radio France" CD-R October 24, 2002 from Paris. Fantastic radio broadcast. A+
"Growing Up Live DVD" 2 CD-R Taken from the official live DVD, from May 2003 from Milan. A+
"Montreal 2003" 2 CD July 6, 2003 from Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. Visit www.themusic.com to purchase or to check out setlists for each of the shows I have listed. A+
"Milwaukee 2003"2 CD June 26, 2003 from Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Hamburg 2004" 2 CD-R May 21, 2004 from the Color Line Arena, Hamburg. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Glasgow 2004" 2 CD-R June 5, 2004 from the S.E.C.C., Glasgow. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Wembley 2004" 2 CD-R June 7, 2004 from Wembley Arena, London. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Cagliari 2004" 2 CD-R June 14, 2004 from Fiera Campionaria, Cagliari, Italy. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Locarno 2004" 2 CD-R July 9, 2004 from Locarno. From the official soundboard recordings for sale at themusic.com. A+
"Deranged Apocalypse" 9 CD-R A huge collection of b-sides, remixes, collaborations, cover songs, live tracks and anything else you can think of. Quality varies a bit, but most are excellent. A
"Deutsche Album" CD1982 Peter Gabriel 3 (I think - the one with Shock the Monkey) completely in German. Original CD. A
"Passion Outtakes" CD-R A nice collection of demos, outtakes, and extended versions from the "Passion" album." A

Gang of Four
"Second Chance" CD-R June 30, 1981 from Ann Arbor, Michican. Broadcast. A

"A Night at the Opera" CD-R November 10, 1995 from Opera House, Toronto. Soundboard. A
"The Trip" CD-R April 7, 1996 from Dortmund, Germany. Slightly thin sounding soundboard. B+
"Leeds Metropolitan University" CD-R April 9, 1996. I believe this was a radio broadcast, although the mix isn't perfect. The applause fades out between a few of the tracks. A-
"Roskilde Festival" CD-R June 26, 1998. Excellent soundboard. A
"Loreley Festival" CD-R June 20, 1998 from Germany. Soundboard. A
"Zepp, Tokyo" 2 CD-R February 9, 2002 from Japan. I think this is soundboard, but I'm not positive. A
"B-Sides Collection" 2 CD-R A nice collection of b-sides and remixes. A

"Epping Forest" CD-R October 20, 1973 from the Rainbow Theatre. Good soundboard recording, and a nice version of Supper’s Ready. A/A-
"New Oxford Theatre" CD-R 1973 soundboard recording. A-
"Roxy Theater" 2 CD-R December 19, 1973 from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, "Supper's Ready" cuts off at about 20 minutes, with probably a minute or two left. Soundboard. A/A-
"Montreal 1974" 2 CD-R April 21, 1974. Nice sounding soundboard recording. A-
"Waterbury 1974" 2 CD-R December 1974 from Waterbury, Connecticut. Soundboard Lamb recording. A
"Twilight Alehouse" CD-R January 22, 1975 from Berkeley, California. About 45 minutes. A/A-
"London 1975" CD-R April 15, 1975 radio broadcast. Mostly Lamb material. A
"Happy the Man" CD 10 Demo tracks from 1967-72. Original CD. A to A-
BBC 1972" CD-R Two sessions (March 2 and September 25). A
"Nursery Cryme Demos" CD-R Studio tracks. B
"Selling England By the Session" 2 CD-R Demos. B
"Lamb Outtakes" CD-R Demos from the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. B+

Geraldine Fibbers
"9:30 Club and KCRW" Cassette Washington, DC April 17, 1996 to 6 KCRW tracks from June 3, 1996.
"El Rey" 2 CD-R June 7, 1996 from Los Angeles. Soundboard. There is some Mike Watt filler on CD 2, but I haven't listened to it yet. A little quiet, but nice. A/A-
"The Satyricon, Oregon" Cassette November 4, 1997.

Lisa Germano
"Roskilde Festival" CD-R July 1, 1995 from Denmark. Also includes three tracks from a BBC session from July 30, 1996. A
OP8/Lisa Germano 2 CD-R September 17, 1997 from Rytmeposten, Odense. A rare soundboard recording of OP8 and Lisa. A nice show. A-
"Sodra Teatern" CD-R October 5, 1998 radio broadcast from Stockholm. Also includes four soundboard tracks with OP8. A
"KCRW" CD-R April 15, 2003. Eight live in the studio tracks, all from "Lullaby for Liquid Pig," plus an interview segment. A
"Nachtmix Lounge Konzert" CD-R May 19, 2003 radio broadcast of live in the studio from Studio 12, Bavarian radio, Munich. About 55 minutes. A
"OP8 - Eye Candy" CD-R Slush outtakes, alternate versions, etc. Lisa's only on a few of these tracks. A
"B-Sides Collection" CD-R Includes the "Inconsiderate Bitch" EP, "I Love a Snot" EP, "Small Heads" EP, tracks from the "Falling From Grace" soundtrack and Lisa's track from a Laura Nyro tribute. 15 tracks. A+

David Gilmour
"In Floyd We Trust" CD-R July 12, 1984 from Pennsylvania. Broadcast. A

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